United Tamers o’ Britannia Dart Tourney

August 24, 2011 By: petra Category: Atlantic News

Ahoy, hello E’eryone, gar!

I am pleased t’ announce the Utb is ha’in’ a dart tourney this Friday the 12th eve at 10PM EST at the grand openin’ o’ The Rusty Anchor Ta’ern. The ta’ern is located on the Southern beach below Trinsic. Aye, gates from Luna will be a’ailable prior t’ the start o’ the e’ent. Gar.

Ahoy, the tournament is simple. Hand me a bottle o’ ale and i will gi’e ye a dart in return. This helps set the order o’ shootin’ and also gets me ale, gar! Arrr, this is done t’ help keep order, ob’iously some o’ these ta’ern games can get out o’ order, especially late in the e’enin’ when the ale is flowin. You will shoot ye dart 5 times and Me will announce ye mighty. After 2 hours o’ shootin’, whoe’er has the highest point mighty will win the jackpot o’ 5 million Gold. Ye’ll ne’er get me buried booty! Aye, the winner will be announced on the ta’ern bulletin board at the completion o’ the e’ent so you need not be present t’ win. Ties will be split accordin’ly, which is unlikely.

Arrr, the ta’ern will be open in the future for all t’ come and enjoy an ale. Open times will be announced soon, we need t’ coordinate barkeeps. The merchants on site sell fishin’ and ship related items. Thar is also an area on the third floor we will be holdin’ e’ents at. If others need use o’ a buildin’ for e’ents, please contact a member o’ the Utb. Aye, me parrot concurs.

Aye, thank thee for listenin’.

Henry Morgan
United Tamers o’ Britannia
A pence for an old man o’de sea?

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