Ultima Online Team Grows

July 30, 2012 By: Watchertoo Category: General News

Ultima Online Team Grows

Kai Schober

30 Jul 2012 11:35:30 EST

As you might know, we are currently moving previously external lead positions into our office in Fairfax to create an even stronger team and lead Ultima Online through its 15th anniversary into the future. This change has given us a new team member, Jim Crawley the new Art Lead. Here is his introduction:

Hello one and all,

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am Jim Crawley, a veteran of the game industry having started my career in 1996, working for MicroProse software on the civilization line. Since then I have made many products over the years. I have created everything from fantasy to sci-fi, strategy to shooters, MMO’s and more. I started in the QA department but quickly moved into the art department. Since then I have created concept work, 2d art, 3D art, animations, effects, and world design. There is almost no facet of the art world I have not at least assisted with, and I help wherever I am needed. I recently came from SWTOR where I was creating the special effects for the world, ships, objects, and players. I have come back home to roost, having been a part of the Mythic family before, and I look forward to supporting the project, and the players as we move forward. Also this may surprise some of you, but you have actually already seen some of my work in game, as I assisted on past updates during Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas and you can feel free to see a small sample of the work I provided here http://jjcrawley.com/2D_Art_UI.html. A new site is on its way however.

Now that I’ve told you a little about me professionally let me tell you a little about me and my interests. I am an animal lover and since I was Texas for the last year I currently have one amazing dog, an Australian Kelpie who is very glad that I am back home. My wife and I plan on getting another dog soon; two dogs just work best for us, though we have not decided what we want yet. I have rescued many stray and stranded dogs, cats, and my personal favorite a large very old snapping turtle. I am an avid gamer! I love playing MMOs, RPGs, shooters, board games, and I am in several tabletop campaigns. I enjoy painting miniatures, photography, and sketching. See the gaming industry is the perfect career choice for me. My hobbies and my professional life are very similar. I have a personal passion for making games because I too am a gamer and I strive to make the art the best it can be in the games I help create. You see, creating art, with many of my pass times revolving around both topics, this of course makes me one of those people who actually loves their job!

I am very much looking forward to bringing all of you new game content, and working on a game that is clearly loved by its fans. Trust me, when fans love a game like you all do, it makes the work far more rewarding. Also this may surprise some of you, but you have actually already seen some of my work in game, as I assisted on past updates during Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I look forward to providing great art for you all and Bonnie has been sharing the suggestions on what you like to see in the game, I’m always open to hearing what they are and hope we can work together to continue to make the game great! I look forward to supporting the project and the players as we move forward.

Jim “Onifrk” Crawley

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