Treasure Hunters Championship Recap

September 26, 2011 By: Jeriicco Category: Legends News

I must say it was an excellent turn out for the Legends Treasure Hunters Championships.  EM Helios opened the gates at around 8:30pm and crowds began to gather in the city of Nujelm at the large chess board.  Legends compiled a total of six teams consisting of at least four members each.  The VFW* guild was well represented as they were able to form three teams.  Teams were each given robes so members could be easily identified by color.  Then each team chose a name, a couple of my favorites were the pink team’s Zeke’s Raiders and the orange team’s Skara Diggers. 

The guidelines for the hunt were then laid out by Helios.  Each team would have to complete six treasure hunter maps in order, each map progressing in difficulty from level one up to level six.  The first team to complete the level six map and have its captain return to Helios would be declared winner.  After some brief instructions and introductions fireworks initiated the competition. 

It wasn’t long before VFW 3 returned with all the maps completed thus cementing the yellow robed hunters as champions.  Team VFW 3 was able to complete the maps in a rather astonishing time which couldn’t have been more then a half hour. 


The remaining teams slowly trickled in with Zeke’s Raiders bringing up the rear returning in just under two hours time.  By the end a crowd of spectators had gathered and even EM Miko was in attendance.  The newly crowned Legends champions now have the privilege of issuing an open challenge to the current treasure hunters champions amongst the other Ultima Online shards with hopes that the Treasure Hunters Championship Trophy will find its way onto the Legends shard.  The fun had to end eventually and after the final announcement by Helios he departed in rather spectacular fashion. 

Bravo to the Legends shard on an excellent event and good luck to VFW 3 in your future hunt!

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