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The UltimaXbar is everything UO… even custom searches of UO sites; game, community, safety, tool links; UO RSS news delivered right to the browser, Internet radio. Even international sites (like EA Japan’s UO site) with language support in the menus (so long as your OS has the language packs) GameXbars work with IE (Windows), Firefox & Flock (Windows, Mac & Linux), Safari (Mac), and soon Google Chrome.

One of the beauties of a GameXbar is a user can install as many as they want… or only one. With only one GameXbar… you have access to all GameXbars with only one install and without taking up any more browser real estate.

Click the [+] menu on the far left and dynamically load the toolbar of your choice on the fly. Swap between UltimaXbar to WoWXbar to MMOXbar to WARXbar to EVEXbar to DAoCXbar to LOTROXbar and so on. One toolbar to rule them all.

Download: http://uo.gamexbar.com/

Last modified: September 8, 2011

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