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Ultima Online Bulk Order Deeds


The time has come for me to release to the public a tool I wrote over 2 years ago. This little handy tool will tell you what to expect rewardwise for your Bulk Order Deeds.
It can also tell you what BODs you need to get a specific reward.
…And as an added bonus, I have a very simple “My BODs” section where you can keep track of the BODs you currently have.

If you happen to find something wrong in any of the calculations…please feel free to let me know, and I’ll fix it ASAP. The formula I used came directly from the mouths of the UO developers…so it should be rock-solid. In the two years or so that I have been using this application, I have yet to have it calculate it something incorrectly.
I also plan on making updates to this application, depending on user requests…the “My BODs” section could use a lot of improvement…so please tell me what you would like to see there, and I’ll see what I can do.


New Screenshots!

Blacksmith Section
Blacksmith Section

Tailor Section
Tailor Section

Adding an LBOD
Adding an LBOD

Adding an SBOD
Adding an SBOD


My BODs Filter
My BODs Filter

LBOD Report
LBOD Report

Version 2.2.0 has been depreciated! I will no longer be making updates to that version – Version 3 is here!
Version 2.2.0 will still be available for download, but I strongly suggest you move to Version 3 for the added benefits.
Version 3 is a complete rewrite of the calculator…but fear not: The program is still easy to use, but is more robust, and has tons of new featuers in it.

Just to name a few:

  • I have changed the name of the program to just “UO Bulk Order Deeds”. This is because it has evolved into much more than just a calculator!
  • New layout that tells you how much Gold you will get for LBODS, as well as label the reward appropriately so you know exactly what you are getting – no more relying on the tooltip of the reward image to see what you get!
  • The “Show Me How To Get It” functionality is still there, but now lists the BODs in a sortable list.
  • Add A Bod window now shows tons more details, including being able to select a BOD Book. It also has images of each individual item so you can see exactly what the item looks like. If the item being added is a SBOD, you will be able to see what LBODs it can be combined with, as well as the rewards that the LBOD will give you!
  • The LBOD Report is more robust. It will not only list the LBODs you have…but will also suggest LBODs for your remaining SBODs. You can also have it list any remaining SBODs that could not be combined.
  • The Export Report hos TONS of new info. It has a summary that will list Total BODs, Total Cost to fill the BODs, a count of each of the materials needed to fill all BODs, as well as a list of all the rewards you can expect.
  • The Export Report will export what you have currently in the My BODs window…but you can have it export only the BODs you have selected as well.
  • My BODs no longer separates Blacksmith from Tailor BODs…you do that using the new filter.
  • My BODs Filter is more robust. You can filter on Reward and BOD Book. The filter is now a bunch of drop down lists, and you no longer need a separate Tailor and Blacksmith Filter.
  • My BODs will keep track of how many items you’ve completed in an SBOD, as well as what items you’ve combined with an LBOD!
  • Easy My BODs tools to combine LBODs. Click a button, and you wil be shown a list of all the completed SBODs that can be combined into the LBOD. Simply check each one, and they will be combined in the LBOD.
  • My BODs Importing! Files supported are: The old Version 2 My BODs XML, the new Version 3 My BODs XML, as well as text export files from UOBOD!
  • You can set Material Pricing to calculate the costs of BODs.
  • For the LBOD Report, in the “Recommeded To Purchase” Section, you can select the minimum number of SBODs that must be combined into an LBOD to make it into the Report. For instance, if you say that Large 6 piece LBODs must have at least 4 SBODs to combine with it…the LBOD Report will not show 6 Part LBODs that have less than that many.

I have completely redone the framework of the calculator allowing me to do many new things that the old framework did not let me. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction for everyone out there – it was for me!
As always…if you have bugs, please send them in!



The only system requirements are that you have Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework installed.

Version 3.8
Stand-Alone MSI Installer: download. (441 Kb)
Zip-File (for Advanced Install): download. (257 Kb)

Version 3.6
Stand-Alone MSI Installer: download. (429 Kb)
Zip-File (for Advanced Install): download. (124 Kb)

Version 2.2 (no longer supported)
Stand-Alone MSI Installer: download. (379 Kb)
Zip-File (for Advanced Install): download. (76 Kb)

Version Information

Version 1.0.0:
Initial Release

Version 1.5.0:
Bug Fixes:

  • “My BODs” were not saving if you clicked the “X” to close the program.
  • Various XML text updates.

New Additions:

  • Added XML files for point values to make updating them in the future easier if needed.
  • When adding a BOD to “My BODs”, you can now select the quantity (for instance, if you have 4 of a particular BOD, you don’t have to add them one by one anymore).
  • When adding a BOD to “My BODs”, if you already have that BOD in your list, it does not add a new line item, it will increase the total count that you have for it instead. This should keep your “My BODs” List at a minimum.
  • When deleting a BOD from My BODs, if you have more than 1 of that BOD, you will be asked for the quantity to delete.

Version 1.8.0:
Bug Fixes:

  • You can now select Quantity for “My BODs” when adding a Large Smith BOD.
  • I’ve reverted to the old point system for Fencing and Sword Large Weapon BODs. This is because I personally filled 5 of EACH of 20X Large Swords and Fencing BODs, and found that the reward received matched what I had originally. I will change this back if and when Ultima Online decides if this is a bug, or was intended.
  • Various XML updates.

New Additions:

  • “My BODs” now has filters! Check them out, and report any bugs if you run across any.

Version 2.0.0:
Bug Fixes:

  • Large Battle Axe is now calculating ingot count properly.

New Additions:

  • “My BODs” now has a Large BOD Report! It will list all of your Large BODs, and show which smalls you do and do not have for them. Makes it a bit easier to find out if you have any Large BODs that you can fill. You can save the list as an HTML page for future reference.

Version 2.1.0:
Bug Fixes:

  • Fix for LBOD Report showing incorrect status of Small BODs owned for LBODs that you have more than one of.
  • Filter for “Gold” is now working as intended.
  • Filter for “Exceptional”/”Normal” is now working as intended.
  • Sorting on the “My BODs” section no longer causes a crash.
  • BOD Type now displays properly with the “Show Me How To Get It” button. It was omitting the BOD Type.
  • Installer no longer overwrites “My BODs.xml”. Zip file no longer has this file either since it is auto-generated at run-time anyway. This will save you from losing BODs that you’ve added when you update to a newer version.

New Additions:

  • Added “Expand All” and “Collapse All” links in the LBOD Report.
  • Added list of Rewards to the LBOD Report so you can see what reward you will get for a particular LBOD.
  • Added “Reward” column to the “My BODs” list.
  • Added “Remove Filter” button on “My BODs” tab to be able to quickly disable a filter.
  • Added “Edit” button on “My BODs” tab. You can edit Count, Quality, Material, and Total Owned for a BOD already in the “My BODs” list so you don’t have to delete and re-add so much.

Version 2.2.0:
Bug Fixes:

  • Installer no longer overwrites the Blacksmith and Tailor Filter XML Files. Zip file no longer has these files either since they are auto-generated at run-time anyway. This will save you from losing your old filters when you update to a newer version.
  • Large Platemail BOD now correctly counts Ingots. Was not calculating the Gorget amount properly.
  • Fixed a spelling issue with one of the XML Files.
  • Redid the tabbing order so it should be more user-friendly.

New Additions:

  • New context menu on the “My BODs” section.
  • Export “My BODs” functionality. This item is found exclusively on the context menu due to no more room for buttons on the tab.

Version 3.0:

  • New Initial Release. For details, see above.

Version 3.1:
Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue running the program on non “en-US” Windows Cultures.

Version 3.2:
New Additions:

  • Added UO-Assist importing (using the Vendor Agent).
  • Some speed enhancements to the “My BODs” section.
  • Added 2 new columns to the My BODs list: LBOD Info (lists an LBOD for an SBOD), and LBOD Rewards (the rewards from the LBOD).

Version 3.3:
Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the proper editing of Tailor SBODs.

New Additions:

  • Added a settings button that lets you set to have the program “Stay On Top”, as well as a highlighting option for the “Show Me How To Get It” section.

Version 3.4:
Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug in the “My BODs” section when moving a BOD to a different book. The wrong column was being updated.
  • Fixed a bug in the “My BODs” section when moving a BOD to a different book. You can now move a single BOD, whereas before, you could only do it if more than 1 BOD was selected.
  • Fixed a bug in the Manage BOD Books section whereby deleting a BOD Book would remove all BOD Book assignments. -Thanks to Exolon for the bug report!

New Additions:

  • Added the ability to check for updates via the web! You can check for updates manually from the about tab, or have it check for updates on startup.
  • Added a setting in the settings box to turn automatic checking on or off.

Additional Updates:

  • Changed the website address in the about section.

Version 3.5:
Bug Fixes:

  • Sorting on LBOD Info and LBOD Rewards now work
  • Show Me How To Get It Section was highlighting “Small Armor” and “Small Weapon” SBODs as owned even if the BOD was Armor only (or Weapon only). This has been fixed.

New Additions:

  • Added a new setting “Sacrifice Exceptional Small BODs for Normal Larges” that affects combining SBODs into LBODs, and the LBOD Report. -Thanks to Donna for the suggestion!
  • BOD Reports are no longer “Modal”. -Thanks to Exolon for the suggestion!
  • Show Me How To Get It Section has a new button that lets you filter your “My BODs” list for a particular BOD Item. -Thanks to Exolon for the suggestion!
  • Show Me How To Get It Section is no longer “Modal”. -Thanks to Exolon for the suggestion!
  • Added some statistics to the “My BODs” section. -Thanks to Exolon for the suggestion!

Additional Updates:

  • Moved the question dialog for the LBOD Report to Show UnCombined SBODs to a Setting Option instead.
  • “My BODs” section now captures the “Delete” key.
  • “My BODs” section now captures the “Ctrl+A” combination to select all BODs.

Version 3.6:
Bug Fixes:

  • Miscellaneous BOD Book fixes (including issues deleting Books, and assigning more than one BOD to a book at once).

Version 3.7:
Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Large Tailor BODs weren’t listing the appropriate SBODs when you added it to your My BODs.

New Additions:

  • Added Multifile support so you can, for instance, have a BOD file for each of your charcters, or each of your shards.

Version 3.8:
Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with the check for updates function that appeared after taking down my website  It should now just state that there are no more updates available.


Special Thanks

I would like to thank Basara for pointing out that point values for the Large Fencing and Large Sword BODs were mismatched. We’re still doing some more testing, but it appears that OSI may have some bugs with these, and possibly other BODs. I’ll keep you posted as much as possible.

After filling 5 Large BODs of each of the BODs in question from the above comment, I have come to realize that the point values I had before were correct. Please see the “Bug Fixes” section under Version 1.8.0 for additional information on this.

Any questions/Comments should be directed to [email protected].

Thanks, and Happy BODing!

Last modified: November 27, 2011

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