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Heptazane Contact

Contacting Me

The easiest way is to e-mail me. I do my very best to keep my address current. You may also search for me on ICQ.

Special Thanks

Thanks to all the members of the Black Squad for providing lots of valuable data and for dreaming up all of the stuff that we never had time to implement.

Thanks to Tim Walters for basically hacking the whole map format, and then letting me stick it into InsideUO.

Thanks to Andreas Waas for constantly pushing me to include Third Dawn maps long after I had given up. Check him out here.

Thanks to Sir Valgriz for dropping the Skill file formats on my lap.

Thanks to Steve Dang for providing the sound file formats and for going the extra mile to make sure they played right.

Thanks to Doug Blatherwick for corrections on the format for sound.

Thanks to Cironian (Marcus Rating) for handing over the VerData format. No patched data would be available without it.

Thanks to Wilfred Verkley for being inspired enough to create the Character Viewer. It rocks!

Thanks to Mindblow for providing creature names for T2A creatures.

Thanks to Russell Bailey and Jeffrey Mikoni for being first to jump on getting the animations for LBR working. The fact that you figured out they were indexing with 0 rather than -1 probably made LBRs inclusion actually happening since I never got LBR.

Thanks to Tony Lusardi for also helping push LBR through by figuring out and typing in names for every single creature!

Thanks to BA Barrackas for punching in all of the Multi names and sending them to me.

Thanks to Punt roguing from Krrios to get me the TileData information to put in the file formats.

Thanks to Robert L., Fluffy, and Andreas Waas for the Age of Shadows information.

Thanks to William (Andy) Smith aka [email protected] for pushing me to get in the DIF files for the map and testing it for me.

Thanks to Xena Dragon for the Samurai Empire map tags.

Thanks to DarkStorm for the Samurai Empire animation tags.

Last modified: September 8, 2011

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