Gram’s Ultimate Ultima Online Maps:

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Gram’s Ultimate Ultima Online Maps:


The NEW Utimate UO Map The Graphical UO Map



The most common question that I get is “How do I print this on multiple pages?” I do it with Corel Photopaint (the program that I used to create it). I am not aware of any shareware or freeware programs that will allow printing on multiple pages. If you know of one, please let me know, and I will post it here. Netscape and MSIE WILL NOT print multiple pages!

Straylight sent me this note… I don’t have Excel, so I couldn’t test it myself…

It is quite easy to print out any size using Excel. Just insert the JPG into the spreadsheet and make it any size you like. It will print however many pages it needs.

The second most common question, is that some people can’t load the maps in their browser. As a result, I am supplying all of the larger maps zipped.


Get it Printed!

The only thing that could be better than having a copy of the map on your computer is to have a copy of it on your wall…

That’s right, you can now get a professionally printed copy of the Ultimate UO Map for yourself.

WebCity got in contact with us, and let us know that they can make printed copies of the UO maps… At an extremely good price. We have received a copy of the map, and it looks exceptional.

18″ x 24″ poster
$13.95 U.S.

24″ x 32″ posters
$21.95 U.S.

U.S. add $6.00 shipping/handling per poster
International add $30.00 shipping/handling per poster

If you are interested then fill in this order form.

Disclaimer: Please note that there is no affiliation between Stratics and WebCity. We merely provide the information about this printing service to help our readers get the maps printed.

The NEW Ultimate UO Map (With T2A):

Because of overwhelming demand, I have come out of retirement in order to create the new T2A maps. I’ve created three maps this time… The original world map with a few errors corrected, a T2A map, and a combined Britannia / T2A Map. If you get the combined map, you don’t need either of the other two.


The Graphical UO Map:

Whew… What a job :)This map never got completed. I had intended to fill in the lower corners, but I got started on the screen cap map first.

I’ve received a LOT of feedback on my first map, and I thank you for your support :)


I started out with the standard 2357 X 2294 UO World Map, and went to work…

  • The map has been rotated 45 degrees so that UP on the map is UP on your UO screen.
    • Because of this all ships, sea monsters, Text, and Logos had to be edited out, and then be replaced back into the rotated image.
  • Since the Map is now diagonal, there are 4 corners to fill…
    • Words of Power are included.
    • Potions are included.
    • Moongate Information is Included:
      • This is a combination of the information decyphered by…
        • Ender of the Burning Heart Guild.
        • Derren Dragon, Philopher of Balance.
  • All Town Names have been converted to English.
  • All Dungeon and Shrine names have been converted to English.
  • All Roads have been highlited.
  • Added a lake near the Justice Shrine.
  • Had to move the Justice Shrine a bit.
  • Added the bridge at the North of Vesper.
  • The image was generally cleaned up (A LOT).

Neither UO nor Origin are aware of, or in any way endorse this map edit. If either object with this map, I will stop distributing it.


Last modified: September 8, 2011

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