Tight race in Britain and Minoc elections

September 11, 2013 By: Alcor Stratics Category: Siege Perilous News

York posts early lead in Moonglow

At the halfway point of the election voting, it is still all to play for in three of the four towns with a choice of candidates, and only the thickness of a ballot paper is separating the candidates in two.

In Britain, pirate Hugibear is holding on to a narrow 11-9 lead over incumbent governor Sprago. This is well short of the sixty-one total votes cast in the capital last time, but the fact that neither candidate has published a manifesto or gone into any great details on their intentions has been a factor here. Instead, citizens seem to be voting based upon their opinions of the candidate’s past.

“Mr Sprago has always been reliable in his actions, these pirates are nothing but trouble,” said Liv Firetone after she had been to place her vote.

Not so, says Hugi supporter, Kaisa. “Us pirates are here to fix the the city! Clearly there is not enough wenches or drinking of rum!”

Still, the lack of any manifesto does not seem to be hurting the prospects of Moonglow challenger, York, who now holds a handy 14-8 lead over Sam.

“Vote for York!” extolled Pvillin. “He said he’d put a trash can at the bank.”

But for others, York’s failure to provide details on his candidacy has indeed been a factor.

“I voted for Sam,” said citizen Talia, “as he’s the only one who has made a statement of his intentions. And he said he would get more telescopes for the city.”

Meanwhile, in Minoc, voting has been much lighter and is currently deadlocked at four votes apiece. It appears that every single vote here is going to be crucial.

“I would not like to say which way this one is going to go,” said Chloris the tailor.

And it is a very curious situation in the fourth disputed town, New Magincia. Current governor Morgan Ironfist has been spending the last few days vigorously campaigning both from his town hall and around the street of the city. And the approach seems to be working as many people have been to cast votes at the town stone. By contrast, his opponent, Viscount Goop, has not been seen. There has been no speech, no press release, no manifesto. In fact, it is doubtful that he has even stepped foot into the town since his nomination last week as he has not even been there to vote for himself.

“People are referring to him as “The Invisible Slime”, said Osmond the herald. “Lawks knows what his plan is.”

The exact count remains a mystery thanks to the abstruse Britannian election system which only gives the ballot percentages rather than absolute votes cast. And as nobody has voted yet for Goop, there is no way to be sure of Ironfist’s tally. But if the governor has polled even half the thirty-three votes he achieved last time, it is difficult to see how his opponent is going to catch up now. But Morgan is not taking any chances.

“I am sure it is all a strategy to overrun the city stone with votes on the last day,” he told me, “while many of my supporters will not feel the need to vote because it is apparently so one-sided.”

Citizens have until midnight on Saturday [EST] to make their choices.

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