Thomas Wolfe Opens Bone Clearing House

October 03, 2012 By: Lady Lava Category: Great Lakes News

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Thomas Wolfe Opens Bone Clearing House

With the graveyards a very busy place these days and ones personal bones in high demand Thomas Wolfe has opened up a bones clearinghouse. Others have done this in years past with named pumpkins and other items. This is a great idea and a nice gesture joining our community together. More of these bone clearinghouses no doubt with pop up and thank you to all those dedicated to them !

Thomas Wolfe’s location is northeast of Yew. Look for possible runes dropped or ask in general chat and no doubt a kind patron will show you the way.

p.s. If anyone finds Lava bones save them for me 😉

note : Hued bones will only be given in person not on vendors

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