(Player Event) Thief Event by Ladra!

November 26, 2012 By: Adrianas Category: Siege Perilous News

Found on the Stratics Forum – Posted on the Siege Forum 25 November:

I know there are thieves on Siege outside of Barter Town. We don’t see you much, besides Sundays. Always tripping over you then. I also know you don’t like talking in gen chat, or even when I’m standing next to you. And you all seem to ignore the Thief forum on stratics.
But I want to connect with you guys, I want you to have your time in the spotlight. You need fame and glory to grow! So for the next week I want it to be ON!
Therefore I will give away 1 million gold to the winner of a small competition.
The only thing you’ll have to do is get a screen shot of a steal and post it in this thread. Only set in stone rules are; Your name visible Marks name visible “Success message” visible (OK if it’s in the journal) And of course the item in question visible
Can’t get it all in one shot? Post more! No need to limit yourself to one entry either, enter every steal you get if you want. Like to write a story with pictures in it? Even better, I LOVE those!
Anyone without a fully trained thief? Get out there with your 70 stealing, or slap on a bandana, 120 mysticism scrolls weigh nothing. ^^
Judging will be made by me. Based on value of the steal. Location, storytelling, bribing and other stuff may come in to play.
Oh, and you may count entries here as your required steals to join Barter Town if you like.
Competition starts NOW and ends a week from NOW!

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