The King’s Fishing Contest

January 02, 2014 By: Rocko Napa Valley Category: Napa Valley News

From EM Vereor:

For the month of January the King has decreed a Fishing contest to take place. Each cities Governor is encouraged to find fishermen to represent their city and bring fame not only to themselves but all citizens!

All entries are to be submitted to the mailbox at the EM Rewards Hall
All Fisherman have to declare which city they are fishing for.
Your entry should include: A bag, the fish you caught, and a book saying which city you plan to represent
The fish that weighs the most of each type will be declared winners
All entries must be submitted by the time of the months Governor’s Meeting. For January that will be the 26th @ 7pm PST.
Winners will be announced at the Governor’s Meeting.

Fish Type 1:
Regular “Big Fish”

Fish Type 2:
Winter Dragonfish

The winners will have their fish proudly displayed at Castle Blackthorn for all to see.
The winning city will have a Royal Herald placed at their bank for the next month, who will tell all passerbys of the city and fishermans accomplishment.

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