The Emergency Meeting of the Knights of the Crux Ansata – The Bombshell

June 05, 2012 By: Kylie Kinslayer Category: Atlantic News

When a notice is posted that reads there is an “emergency meeting of the Knights of the Crux Ansata” people generally tend to come prepared for a fight. This meeting would prove to be no exception. Most of those gathered were battle ready, some with dragons in tow. A smaller group must have read the entire posting and did indeed dress nicely; they looked ready for a night on the town. Ultimately it would not matter what attire they wore because a battle would indeed be at hand. However in this upcoming battle the Knights will not have to hone their swords but their wits. They will face the fiercest opponent in history, the legal system and Lady Justice herself. Well, in all honesty, MOST of the Knights will have that battle. Sadly, not all of them support their leader.


The voice of dissention could be heard long before Lord Dupre entered the Hall of the Silver Serpent. Sir Hethe Idem and a few others appear ready to declare an end to the Crux Ansata and throw Lady Amandine to the wolves. One can only wonder what ulterior motives Sir Idem has in mind, if any. The motives of those who joined him in opposition to Danica have not hid their motives in quite a while. There has been a small section of Crux followers who sing the praises of Exodus to anyone who will listen for the last month or so. They used the news of Danica’s arrest as yet another opportunity to attempt and rally people around their cause, having Exodus rule over all Sosaria.


The facts in the case are just that; facts. Lady Amandine herself does not dispute the largest charge she will most likely face. Reddish is dead by her hands, or sword to be more exact. The grey area they will all have to manipulate is motive. Was his death justified? What his death legal given the current status of Martial Law imposed on us all?  Those topics and more are being discussed by some of the Crux Knights here: Come join in the fun.


There are quite a few times in life when every one of us find ourselves tested. The standard pass/fail type of testing we run across in the various disciplines of magic or melee skills is common. Seldom do we encounter the type of testing which tests our morals, our values and most importantly our loyalty to the nth degree. The moment Lord Dupre asked for her armor and her sword, Lady Amandine began that test in her life. Only time will tell how it will end. For those few who will sit in judgment of her that very test draws near. Will they be loyal to what they hold dear – The Virtues and Justice? Or will they hold to their loyalty and allegiance to Lady Amandine? Or will the facts in the case allow them to remain loyal to both at the same time? Will the Knights follow Lady Amandine’s latest request of them; “I expect all of you to judge me honestly and truly”? Once again, only time will tell.




To be one of the judges in the upcoming trial keep a watch on and

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