The Cross Shard Treasure Hunt Challenge Returns! – Europa vs. Legends

August 24, 2012 By: Watchertoo Category: General News

The Cross Shard Treasure Hunt Challenge Returns! – Europa vs. Legends

Nicole Jackson

24 Aug 2012 11:08:07 EST

Here ye here ye…the great race is back!

Following a string of impressive victories over some of the best treasure hunters in the realm, the Gold Diggers of Legends Shard received a well deserved rest as other shards prepared their teams. They are prepared, and the Diggers’ rest is over. A Challenge has been issued by the shard of Europa:


Dear Legends,

Europa has been busy. For weeks we have grown a team of Treasure Hunters that are now ready to challenge you, Legends, and your team to a race of seven dangerous chests. The Elven League of Virtues team from Europa is primed and raring to go… But do you accept?



The Elven League of Virtues, EM Adris & EM Emile Layne of Europa


Eager to compete once again, there was no delay from Legends in issuing a response:

Will this group of Virtuous Elves be able to succeed where many have failed? Or will the Gold Diggers prove once again that they are in a League of their own?

Find out as these two teams meet on the sparkling island of Nujel’m for the latest match in the Cross Shard Treasure Hunt Challenge!

Where: The Chessboard in Nujel’m, Trammel ~ Test Center Shard

When: Sunday, August 26th

Time: 3pm EST, 8pm GMT

Moongates will be provided from the New Haven bank. Come cheer on your favorite team!

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