The challenge from Cora the Sorceress

October 17, 2012 By: semmerset Category: Asian News

It competes for record for void pool.
Victory shard will have a monument.
We will move to void pool from a meeting place.

Meeting place
EM hole(Asuka,Izumo,Hokuto,Sakura,Wakoku,Yamato)
New Heven bank(Mizuho,Mugen)

Date and Event Channel
10/20(Sat) 9pm JST
Izumo / Orix Event
Hokuto /Hokuto EM Event
Mizuho /general
Wakoku / Wakoku EM Event

10/27(Sat) 9pm JST
Asuka / Asuka EM Event
Sakura / JapanEMevent
Mugen /general
Yamato /

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