The Awakening: Harvester of Sorrows – A Recap

May 29, 2012 By: Kylie Kinslayer Category: Atlantic News



As the time to begin drew near most of those in attendance sheepishly looked around at the crowd gathered and thought they would all be in for a tough fight. Thoughts on the probability of increased numbers of their own corpses crept in. A few had a glimmer in their eye hoping that Exodus would reign supreme, but that’s enough about those evil folk in Sosaria for now.


Eagerly they jumped through the gate provided by the good Professor. Personally, I was unsure if they were in a hurry to start the fight or if they just wanted to get away from Darius and his constant mouth running. Either way, it had begun. Once through the gate a pathetic tortured figure stood. Claiming to hail from Minoc, a place of recent murders, the figure admitted to helping the machine father. I found myself wondering what kind of Father is pleased by pain, and only allows them to have hands in order to fix things when they break. I was barely able to come to the realization of an evil one when I saw a barely alive volunteer blaze by with a Minion Guardian hot on her trail. Which was closely followed by a fallen volunteer speaking the language of the Ghost.


It seemed the fight was underway already. There were no cautious walks down a narrow corridor waiting for an ambush, no opening of doors and fearing a trap. When you assist the Professor you expect ambushes to happen, it goes with the territory of being where you shouldn’t be and sneaking around. It was refreshing to be on the other side of the ambush for once. The guardians of the figures never saw what hit them before it was too late. Already dazed and redlined before most could react, the battle seemed well in hand. Until those dang Exodus Dragons appeared. With every Mur Kal Ort more companions were set ablaze. Those in the mob who had witnessed these abominations in previous encounters seemed to have a strategy that enabled them to survive. After some time the mighty red beasts met their demise.


Once the Professor saw everything that intended to do him harm was gone, he switched from his sword swinging mentality back to his inquisitive nature. After a quick head count of all the tortured beings, it was found out one was just a little different, a little less beaten. As usual the Professor had found something somewhat rare to investigate. Even the worst leaders will admit your plans are only as good as the people involved, and their ability to keep their mouth shut. Fortunately for those in attendance, they had run across a blabbermouth. Claiming his mind was sharper than the others, something the Machine Father would probably disagree on, he went on to tell a tale of something called a Harvesting Chamber. Giving us the words that were the key to opening the door, he assured us if we acted fast we could foil one plan of his master.


The entrance to the Harvesting Chamber was well guarded. Whatever guarded it was a skilled, crafty and formidable opponent. It shifted forms in attempts to confuse. It took on the mirror image of those that were battling it. It bounced from one area of the entrance to the other, and would change its appearance in mid flight. It would not simply stand still for the beating the crowd intended to deliver. They would have to work for it, run for it even. Finally, out of breath, panting and haggard looking they had defeated the last of whatever it was, and pushed onward.


Making their way up the hill to a clearing that held several rooms off of it, the crew found the ground littered with objects. Among the items were multiple books. they were all simply titled – Welcome and did not have an author. In the pages it told of a conspiracy to create sophisticated doppelgangers, murder key figures from Britannia and replace them with these duplicates. The book went on to explain their first two targets would be Danica Amandine and Professor Yusef Ad-Din. Who oddly enough, are the two main people who are trying to thwart Exodus’ plans of domination.


The day won, everyone returned to The Lycaeum. Before taking his leave Professor Yusef mentioned to everyone when it comes to the true identity of Exodus, it seems some hold the theory that Exodus Dungeon, or Power Core, is itself Exodus. Those who heard it stood around pondering the possibility as someone in the back posed their own scenario for The Professor. An unnerving situation that seemed to shake him to his core. What if Exodus has other Harvesting Chambers and they are further along in their little project? Suddenly The Professor no longer felt safe in being out. He was already walking away as he asked those around to inform Lady Amandine of the plot. The agreement to do so was immediately given by several.


One thing is certain. This is not the end. One can only imagine how Lady Amandine will react to the threat on her life. She seems to me to be one that never takes a serious threat lightly. Rest up folks, surely you will all be called on again.


In the words of the Professor, may the virtues shine on us all.




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