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Updated from information supplied by Harlequin and Basara by Petra Fyde, January 2010
Note: This information applies to the Classic Client only. The Enhanced Client has no UO.cfg or macros.txt file. Instead an XML file that
stores all the macros/toolbars/gump positions is saved inC:\Documents and Settings\Your windows login\My Documents\EA Games\Ultima Online Stygian Abyss\User Data\Your UO account\Your shard\
There will be a file there for each character name. These files do not have a 3 letter file extension.
Optional ‘uo.cfg’ Lines
order to edit your uo.cfg file, locate the appropriate character’s directory found at C:\Documents and Settings\Your windows login\My
Documents\EA Games\Ultima Online Legacy\User Data\Your UO account\Your shard\Your character name\ Right-click on the uo.cfg file within that directory. When the “Open With” dialogue appears, choose a text editor, such as Notepad or Wordpad for use in editing the file.
There are still master copies of both the uo.cfg and the uo.macros2D.txt file in the UO program folder. Whenever the client can’t find a personalized copy of either of the 2 files, it will make a copy of these files into the folders located in ‘my documents’. That means having copying pre-configured UO.cfg and macros2d.txt files in the UO program folder will allow new characters to use these pre-configured settings and macros.
Command Line In-game Result
AcctID=[ASCII string] Your account name that you use to log on to UO.
AllianceChatColor= The color chosen for alliance chat text.
AllowPathfind=[On/Off]* Lets you set whether or not you wish to have pathfinding available. If it is turned off, then double-right-clicking will do nothing.
AlwaysRun=[On/Off]* When set to ‘on’ your character will always run.
AssumePlayAsGhost=[On/Off]* This option is believed to be obsolete and no longer functional.
AutoArrangeMinimized=[On/Off]* This toggle will turn on automatic arranging of minimized gumps to preset locations, rather than stacking them all in the corner.
BarkFontNumber=[#] In the game options section under “Miscellaneous” there are seven options for “Speech font”. When the top-most font is selected the
“BarkFontNumber” is 0.
BarkTimeModifier=#[000000-FFFFFF] These two UO.CFG options adjust the duration of player and NPC speech.
BarkTimeModifier sets how long all speech remains on screen (default is 4 seconds) as a percentage. The default is 300% as long for speech (12 seconds). ScaleBarkTimes is a toggle to adjust whether or not the duration scales based on the length of the text displayed.
BuffIconsGumpOrientation=[#] denotes the orientation of the buff icons gump.
BuffIconsGumpMinMinorAxisSize=[#] denotes the minimum axis size of the buff icon gump
CacheSize=[#] Sets the size of a UO only hard drive cache in megabytes. Although the default setting on this is 25 the recommended setting is 1024 or 2x your RAM MB), whichever is the smaller.
CdRomDataPath=[Path]* Path to the UO CD.(although apparently obsolete, this is still included in the file.)
CensorBlood=[On/Off]* These two UO.CFG options can be added if desired. They allow one to censor realistic blood from the game.
Set CensorBlood to “On” and adjust the new color of the blood using the CensoredBloodColor line. See the color page for all available colors.
CensorFlesh=[On/Off]* When turned on chopped up body parts appear as models of pack llamas.
ChatColorInput=[#] Denotes the color for chat text.
CircleTransRadius=[0-750] Adjust the radius of a character’s Transperency Circle by pixel’s. Setting this value to a large number will allow you to completely ignore walls and see into most buildings, however, this large Circle is bandwidth-intensive and may lock up the UO Client.
ColoredLighting=[On/Off]* Switches the colored lighting effects on or off. On low-end  machines this can be turned off to improve performance.
CurrentChatChannel=[ASCII string] Shows which chat channel you are logged into, if any.
CurrentStatusGump=[On/Off]* Shows which chat channel you are logged into, if any.
DarkNights=[On/Off]* When this is checked, night time in Britannia will appear darker than daytime.
DefaultChar=[1/2/3/4/5/6/7] The default character that will be selected on the character selection screen during logging on to the game.
Desolation=[On/Off]* Gives the bare trees, tombstones etc landscape in Felucca
DisableMenubar=[On/Off]* Adds or removes the top menubar from the game screen
Footsteps=[On/Off]* Sets the sound of footsteps in the game on or off. The setting ‘Off’ can improve lag a bit.
FrameSkipping=[On/Off]* This will make the client attempt to skip draw frames when the time spent drawing becomes too high. (You may notice an improvement in performance when in crowded areas). Note that this can also cause “stuttering” in the image if your video card simply cannot keep up.
FullScreen=[On/Off]* Sets the screen to windowed mode or full-screen.
FullScreenRes=[640×480/800×600/1024×768] Sets the screensize for full screenmode. This only works if you are using the ‘Big Window’ client. The FullScreenRes option can be set to resolutions that do not appear in the Options menu, but when the Options menu is opened it will revert back to 640×480. Resolutions to 1152×864 and 1280×1024 are possible.
GamePlayWindowSize=[640×480/800×600] Sets the size of the game’s play area. The 800×600 resolution is also known as “The Big Window” mode.
GlobalQueue=[On/Off]* Use unknown
GuildChatColor= Designates the color used for guild chat text.
HdUsage=[Max/on/??] Indicates what install you’re using. Since partial install is no longer supported this item, though included, is obsolete.
HighlightColorCanAttack=#808080 [000000-FFFFFF]
HighlightColorCriminal=#808080 [000000-FFFFFF] 

HighlightColorEnemy=#FF8000 [000000-FFFFFF]
HighlightColorFriend=#00FF00 [000000-FFFFFF]
HighlightColorInnocent=#0000FF [000000-FFFFFF]
HighlightColorMurderer=#FF0000 [000000-FFFFFF]

The purpose of these UO.CFG options is to assist the colorblind. This will let you adjust the combat highlighting color when in combat mode and targeting an opponent. The numbers before the brackets represent the default values, the numbers within the brackets signify the legal range. See the color page for all available colors.
HoldTabForCombat=[On/Off]* Lets you choose which way it will operate. If the option is set to yes or on, then holding down the TAB key will keep you in combat mode, and releasing the key will return you to peace mode. If the option is off, then the TAB key will work exactly like a combat mode macro toggle: hit it once to enter combat mode, hit it again to exit.
HouseCacheSize Sets the number of houses that will be saved on your hard drive. This can increase client performance at the cost of disk space.


These two options allow you to block messages from alliance or guildmates.
ItemPropsIcon=[On/Off]* Hides or shows the item properties icon on your desktop
ItemPropsMode= This shows which mode has been selected for showing item properties. There are 4 available
JournalSaveFile=[Filename] or [Path and filename]* This allows you to save all of the text that appears on your screen for later viewing. This includes system messages, dialogue, etc. If you use it, just remember to delete it every once in a while, or else it will get huge and eat up your hard drive space. In the example listed to the right, the game will save the journal into a file called “uo.txt” in the uo directory on your C: drive. If you play with this option set up, then you may want to download our UO Journal Converter, written by Tolian Worf. This handy utility archives your journal files according to date, so that you may keep a longterm record of your in-game exploits.
JournalSaveUnicode=[On/Off]* Indicates whether Unicode characters should be saved in the Journal or not.
LastServerID=[#] The number of the server that you last logged on to. This will be used on the server selection screen during logon. See the server
to find out the ID’s of all shards.
Music=[On/Off]* Sets in-game music on or off.
MusicVol=[0-255] Sets in-game music volume. 255 is loudest.
NewbieDesktop=[On/Off]* Uses a default desktop configuration
NotorietyQuery=[On/Off]* A useful feature that will ask you “Are you sure?” before attacking
something that will lower your notoriety. (Not 100% failsafe).
ObjectHandles=[On/Off]* Activates, or deactivates the ability to view object handles through using Ctrl+shift.
ObscenityFilter=[On/Off]* Usually this line exists in the UO.CFG file anyway, and it can be set from the options menu in-game, but people tend to forget about it too. Do you want to see what people are actually saying? If so, turn the filter to “off”.
OffsetGumps=[On/Off]* If you set this to on or yes, when you open a container window it will offset from the place where the last one opened. If you set it to off or no, then container windows will always open as they do now, all on top of one another.
OrderCacheOnStartup=[On/Off] If you did not do a full install, Startup causes UO to load info off the
CD into the hard drive cache. This can improve performance once you log on with a character, but it takes longer to start UO.
PageFlip=[On/Off/gdi] Settings for DirectDraw, gdi avoids using DirectDraw as much as posible for trouble-shooting, on is the default, and off can speed up DirectDraw but can cause graphic distortion.
PartyMessageColor= Denotes the color used for party chat text.
PlayerName=[ASCII string] The name of the character you logged on with last.
PopupHelpEnable=[On/Off]* Denotes whether popup tool tips are enabled
PopupHelpPersistant=[On/Off]* Unknown
PopupHelpSticky=[On/Off]* Unknown
ReduceFramerate=[On/Off]* May help older video cards/processors but can cause jerkiness.
SaveJournal=[On/Off]* If set to on then all spoken text and system messages displayed in-game will be saved to a Journal file.
SavePassword=[On/Off]* Indicates whether the game saves your account password in the uo.cfg file. For security reasons this option is now disabled and no longer functions.
ShiftForContext=[On/Off]* When set to ‘on’ the character’s context menu may only be accessed when shift is held down while the mouse is left clicked on your avatar.
ShadedFonts=[On/Off]* Toggles between regular speech font and shaded speech font.
ShowBuffIconsGumpAtStartup=[#] Determines whether the buff icon gump should be visible at start up.
ShowIncomingNames=[On/Off]* This toggles the display of the names of mobiles (players, animals etc.) when they appear on your screen.
ShowIntroAnim=[On/Off]* This is automatically set after you’ve watched the intro movie the first time, but if you’re just reinstalling the game, you can put it in right away.
SkillReportDiff=[1-1000] Sets the amount of points (in tenths) a skill has to raise or drop before the game informs you of the change. See also “StatReport”.
Sound=[On/Off]* Sets in-game sound on or off.
SoundVol=[0-255] Sets in-game sound volume. 255 is loudest.
StatReport=[On/Off]* If set to on the game will display stats and skill gain and loss.
TreeCanopies=[On/Off]* Shows trees in Felucca with or without leaves/foliage
UnicodeSpeech=[On/Off]* Brightens character speech and text display.
UseCircleTrans=[On/Off]* This creates a “circle of transparency” around your character, so that you can click on people/items that are obscured by walls, etc.
UserLanguageCodeString=ENU* For European and Asian customers, this will put the client into its
original English mode. Helps a lot with crashes due to localization or those who prefer English instead of the localized texts.
UseToolTips=[On/Off]* This switches the popping up of the newbie tooltips that appear when you hover the mouse cursor over an in-game object on or off.
* Wherever the option [On/Off] is mentioned it is possible to use either On/Off or Yes/No or True/False. 

[Path] is used where a valid path is required, i.e. C:\UO

[Filename] is used where a valid filename is required, i.e. T2ALOGIN.CFG

[Path and filename] is used where a valid path and filename are required, i.e. C:\UO\JOURNAL.TXT

Full List of Remaining uo.cfg Options 

On this page is listed all existing UO.CFG options. The chart above details those that have been tested and have well-known and predictable results. Some options only work with the ‘Big Window’ client though. The following list represents those existing UO.CFG lines that may or may not be functional. Please remember to test the below optional lines with caution. If you do discover the functionality of any of the below lines, please e-mail us your findings to [email protected].


  • ClientFirstLaunch=[yes/no]
  • DefaultChar=[1/2/3/4/5]
  • FilterPWOn
  • FilterPassword
  • NextLoginKey=[#]
  • OrderCacheOnStartup
  • Password
  • ReverseSpeakers


These Items are believed to no longer function.


  • TranslationServerIPAddress
  • TranslationServerSystranDocumentType
  • TranslationServerSystranNFWMarker
  • TranslationServerSystranTopicalGlossaries
  • TranslationServerTranslatorName
  • TranslationServerUserLanguageCode


Files used to store data about your game
desktop.uoX 5 files (uo1 through uo5), one for each character slot, that store the location of your on-screen gumps, spell icons etc.
uo.cfg All kinds of settings, see above.
macros.txt All keyboard macros
skillgrp.mul Modifcations made to the skill list you see when using Alt-K
chardata.mul Unknown. Data is saved to this file at every game session though.
ignore.lst Players on your ignore list
uobscene.lst Additions made to the obscenity filter



Last modified: November 23, 2011

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