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Unicode Text by Elowyn of Moonglow

Ultima Online can use the Unicode character set. To activate this option enter these two lines into your UO.CFG file: 


Once you do this you are able to use all kinds of characters with diacritical marks plus a whole range of special characters. Some characters can be entered directly from the keyboard if your keyboard supports it. Other characters can only be entered by holding down the [Alt] key and typing a number on the numerical keypad on your keyboard. As an example part of the Latin-1 character set has been displayed here. Make sure that you type all 4 numbers of each character. 191 is not the same as 0191. Here are some more characters which are not in the table:

[Alt]+025220 gives (lower double quote) 
[Alt]+025222 gives (which looks like a cross or a sword) 
[Alt]+025223 gives  

Please note that these characters can only be used in spoken text, you cannot for instance use these in guild titles or abbreviations.

Elowyn of Moonglow
Professor of Alchemical Sciences 
The Forxia Foundation

Last modified: March 26, 2011

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