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In Game Services


For a while now EA has been offering us some very handy in game services.

They vary from Character Transfer to Advanced Character (prebuilt character) and can all be found right here: Origin Store
Once you have ordered one of the services, EA will send you an email with a code. That code has to be entered on your Account/Billing page under ‘Upgrade Account’.

Depending what you bought you will either receive an in game token or an account upgrade.

Here are some of the services offered:

You can pay for those services using your credit card or Pay by Cash.

Once you have paid for your items, you will receive an email with your order and your code (make sure you check your junk email folder too).

Another thing worth mentioning is, there are limits to how many items per day can be bought on a credit card.

Also some services are limited to regular production shards and cannot be used on Siege Perilous or Mugen, for example the Character Transfer Token, so make sure the service is offered on your shard before you buy it.

These codes cannot be used to create a new account, they have to be applied to an already existing one.



7th Character Slot

The Eighth Age brought us the 6th Character Slot and since that is still not enough for us UO addicts …. what are we to do?

You can buy one!

This account upgrade (not a token) will upgrade your account to 7 characters on all shards except Siege and Mugen.
If you do not have 6 character slots already, but only 5, the account upgrade will still bump you up to 7 slots.


Storage Space Increase


This account upgrade is a real lifesaver for all of us packrats out there.

Mondains Legacy already gave us a nifty 20% storage increase on our houses, but with this upgrade you gain an additional 20% on your house (total of 40% with ML) and 20% more storage in your bank box on each character! That means instead of filling your bank with 125 Gargoyle pickaxes you now have room for 150. This applies to all characters and houses on all shards, yes Siege and Mugen too.

Again this upgrade will be sent to you in an email after you placed your order and you apply it to your account on the Billing Page under Account Upgrade.


Legacy Token


This upgrade is pretty handy for all of those that have missed out on the free preorder gifts on some of the previous expansions.

Since this item is an actual ingame token, it is a bit different to claim. To receive your token, you click the help button on your paperdoll and click the “Promotional Code” button at the bottom of the Help page. You enter the code you received in your email just like it is no matter how funny it looks and as soon as your code has been validated a Legacy token will appear in your backpack.

These tokens can be traded between players and be sold on vendors.

Currently this token gives you the following choices:

  • Hooded Shroud of Shadows
  • Charger of the Fallen
  • Green Soulstone



7th Character slot and Storage Space Increase Combo

This is a package deal offered by EA.

The same as buying both upgrades, but when you buy them as package you get a nice little discount.


Name Change Token


Have you ever created a character with a silly name like Giftcollector or Mule and now you decided to use the character because he actually seems pretty cool? But you wouldn’t be caught dead selling your “haute couture” labelled by Tailorgimp?
Lucky you, because you can actually buy a Name Change Token and give that poor character of yours a name to wear proudly.

This is another ingame token, so you wait for your email and once you received it you enter the code exactly as it is on your email into the “Promotional Code” button at the bottom of the Help page of your paperdoll.
Those tokens are also transferable.

When you are ready to use the token, put it in the backpack of the character you want renamed and double click the token. A window will appear asking you to enter a new name. Just don’t forget to check the Naming Guidelines to make sure your new name does not violate any of the UO TOS.


Gender Change Token


These little tokens do exactly what they promise …. they do a little sex change on your character. Be aware though this is a permanent change, so if you decide you no longer want to live the pains of the opposite sex, you will have to get another token.

Again as with the tokens you buy, wait for your email and once you received it you enter the code exactly as it is on your email into the “Promotional Code” Button at the bottom of the Help page of your paperdoll.

Those tokens are also transferable.

When you are ready to use the token, put it in the backpack of the character you want to change, strip completely down to your undergarments (Jewlery and Talismans included) and double click the token. Next a window will appear asking you if you want to change your gender. After you confirmed that you will get to choose a new hairstyle on the new Misses or a beard and hairdo on the new Mister.

After that you are ready for some extended clothes shopping.


Name and Gender Change Package Deal


Again a nice little discount if you are desperate and need a new UO Life.


Account Upgrades & New Account


If you are in need of a new UO account, this would be the way to go, especially if you already have a full copy and just want a second account. Also make sure you choose the right tab or option since there are two.

One will upgrade an existing account to the newest expansion Mondains Legacy and the other one is a completely new account.

With the new account you get the following:

  • Ultima Online Mondains Legacy
  • 30 days free play time

With the upgrade you get:

  • Ultima Online Mondains Legacy

Once you placed your order you will receive an email with either an account creation code or an upgrade code. For the new account you need to visit Ultima Online Account Registration and click the create account button, then the create a new account by following the instructions. At one point it will ask you for your account code and this is where you copy and paste the code you received in the email.

For an upgrade on an existing account just go to your account page and click the edit account button. Under Subscription Info you will see Upgrade Account, click that and enter your code including all the dashes.

That’s it. You are ready to play.


Advanced Character Token


Again these are tokens you can claim; simply enter the code, you received in your email after placing the order, into the Help Window on your paperdoll. Make sure you copy it correctly into the “Claim Promotion Item” tab and as soon as it is validated your token will appear in your pack.

EA offers several templates as Advanced Characters:

Samurai, comes with the following skills:

  • 85 Bushido
  • 85 Swordsmanship
  • 85 Parrying
  • 70 Tactics
  • 70 Focus
  • 85 Str. 85 Dex. 55 Int.

Ninja, comes with the following skills:

  • 85 Ninjitsu
  • 85 Hiding
  • 85 Stealth
  • 70 Fencing
  • 70 Tactics
  • 85 Str. 85 Dex. 55 Int.

Necromancer, comes with the following skills:

  • 85 Necromancy
  • 85 Spirit Speak
  • 85 Resisting Spells
  • 70 Fencing
  • 70 Meditation
  • 80 Str. 70 Dex. 75 Int.

Paladin, comes with the following skills:

  • 85 Chivalry
  • 85 Resisting Spells
  • 85 Swordsmanship
  • 70 Tactics
  • 60 Focus
  • 85 Str. 85 Dex. 55 Int.
  • Title set to trustworthy

Treasure Hunter, comes with the following skills:

  • 85 Lockpicking
  • 85 Cartography
  • 85 Peacemaking
  • 70 Magery
  • 70 Musicianship
  • 100 Str. 25 Dex. 100 Int.

Mage, comes with the following skills:

  • 85 Magery
  • 85 Resist Spells
  • 85 Evaluate Intelligence
  • 70 Inscription
  • 70 Meditation
  • 80 Str. 35 Dex. 110 Int.

Warrior, comes with the following skills:

  • Choice between one of the following: 85 Swordsmanship, Fencing, Mace Fighting or Archery
  • 85 Tactics
  • 85 Anatomy
  • 70 Healing
  • 70 Resist Spells
  • 110 Str. 80 Dex. 25 Int.

Blacksmith, comes with the following skills:

  • 85 Blacksmithing
  • 85 Mining
  • 85 Tinkering
  • 70 Magery
  • 70 Tailoring
  • 125 Str.  25 Dex. 65 Int.

Bard, comes with the following skills:

  • 85 Provocation
  • 85 Musicianship
  • 85 `Peacemaking
  • 70 Discordance
  • 70 Resist Spells
  • 85 Str.  85 Dex. 55 Int.

Tamer, comes with the following skills:

  • 85 Taming
  • 85 Animal Lore
  • 85 Veterinary
  • 70 Magery
  • 70 Meditation
  • 80 Str.  55 Dex. 80 Int.

Mystic Artificer, comes with the following skills:

  • 85 Mysticism
  • 85 Imbuing
  • 85 Resist Spells
  • 70 Meditation
  • 70 Inscription
  • 80 Str. 35 Dex. 110 Int.

Driven Mystic, comes with the following skills:

  • 85 Mysticism
  • 85 Focus
  • 85 Resist Spells
  • 70 Meditation
  • 70 Inscription
  • 80 Str. 35 Dex. 110 Int.

Blade Weaver, comes with the following skills:

  • 85 Throwing
  • 85 Tactics
  • 85 Anatomy
  • 70 Healing
  • 70 Resist Spells
  • 110 Str. 80 Dex. 25 Int.

Artificer, comes with the following skills:

  • 85 Imbuing
  • 85 Item Id
  • 85 Tinkering
  • 70 Mining
  • 70 Magery
  • 90 Str. 50 Dex. 85 Int.

Carpenter, comes with the following skills:

  • 85 Carpentry
  • 85 Fletching
  • 85 Lumberjack
  • 70 Tinkering
  • 70 Magery
  • 90 Str. 85 Dex. 50 Int.

Alchemist/Cook, comes with the following skills:

  • 85 Cooking
  • 85 Fishing
  • 85 Alchemy
  • 70 Magery
  • 70 Tinkering
  • 90 Str. 85 Dex. 50 Int.

Character Transfer Token 


These tokens are quite powerful. They enable your character to move freely between shards (with the exception of Siege and Mugen). So how about a shopping tour to one of exotic Asian shards? Or that character you still have sitting on the shard you used to play on 3 years go?

Well let’s pack up and go!
There are several things to pay close attention to, since this can go very wrong if you don’t!

Like the other tokens simply claim your token ingame, by opening your Help button on your paperdoll. Fill in the code from the email EA sends you with your order in the “Claim Promotion Item” tab and as soon as it’s validated your token will appear in your pack.

Before you get all exited here and start double clicking tokens, take the time to carefully read the following:

What transfers with you?

  • your character (inc. Name, Appearance, Skills & Statts and Reputation ea Murder Counts)
  • Virtue Points and or Title
  • Any Custom Title (even titles awarded on past OSI Events)
  • All the “monster points” your character has collected by participating in champion spawns, as well as any champion spawn title your character has achieved
  • Any Quest your character is currently on
  • Everything your character is holding, wearing or has equipped
  • Everything in your backpack
  • Everything in your Bankbox
  • All of your pets, in the stable or that you have with you (like packhorses). But they must be stabled or standing next to you.
  • Everything in your packhorse

What won’t transfer with you?

  • Houses, any house you have on your home shard will remain on your home shard. The house will remain just like it has been and will stay bound to your account. That includes any vendors in that house, secured items and Barkeeps.
    You are free to acquire a new house on your destination shard but be aware of the housing rules and that placing or buying another house will condemn your original home.

Also any co-owner Status you may have on your home shard will be removed during the moving process.

  • “Legacy” House placement deeds cannot be transferred. They will turn into a house placement tool
  • Partied characters cannot be transferred, so make sure you leave your party before starting the transfer
  • Guild affiliations will not transfer with you, even if you are the Guild Master of a guild. You can join a new guild on your destination shard
  • Faction affiliations will not transfer with you, even if you are an officer in one of the factions. You can rejoin your faction on your destination shard
  • You cannot transfer while holding a Faction Town Sigil
  • You cannot transfer while keeping a Companion or Volunteer Status (For the Asian shards that still have them)
  • Binding Bracelets and Pet Summoning Balls will have all links removed during the transfer, they can be used normally after the transfer is finished. You will have to re-link your Pets after the move
  • All messages on Bulletin Boards will be removed during the moving Process
  • After the transfer you will have to recreate all custom macros that character may have had


Now lets get started on the real deal, you want to move! Better yesterday than today!

Here are the basics:

  • Once you started the transfer dialog you can stop at any time (in case you forgot to grab something) until you hit that last confirmation “Transfer me!” then the transfer has started and cannot be stopped and you are out the door …
  • You have to be a in a safe location to transfer, no a campfire in the middle of the woods is not a safe location!
    Safe locations are: your house, an inn, a house you co own or are friended at
  • You cannot be sitting on a mount
  • You cannot be dead
  • You cannot have a “Young Status”, has to be renounced before the move
  • You cannot move to Siege or Mugen
  • You have to have room for a character on your new shard
  • You cannot be in disguise, wear tribal paint, be in necromancy or spellweaving forms
  • You cannot be poisoned, paralyzed or casting spells
  • You cannot be inside the Custom Building of your House Menu
  • Once you are in combat, committed a criminal act or murder you have to wait 2 minutes before transferring
  • Last but not least you cannot transfer to shards that are currently down (Maintnance) or are still running on an earlier publish

When you start the transfer, yes you finally double clicked that token burning a hole in your pack, you will be frozen, hidden, squelched and unable to be hurt by any other creature or player.

All your gear and equipped items will be moved into a special “transfer crate”.

Its a good thing to prepare well for a move, Make sure you have everything you want with you. I recommend putting the most valuable and heavy belongings in your bank box. Packies are great for taking things also and since you have 5 control slots you can take up to 5 full packies. Yup that’s a whopping 625 Items just in those packies. Ensure that pack animals have been commanded to follow you. Pack animals obeying the ‘stay’ command may do just that and stay behind!

Once you initiated the transfer take the time to carefully double check all your boxes, pack animals and stabled pets in your Transfer Crate. Now you still have time to stop the transfer and grab whatever you are missing.

After you are sure that you packed everything you want to take choose your destination shard (if the shard is down for any reason it will tell you know and you will have to wait).

Now it’s time to hit that final button: “Transfer me!’

Once you have done that, you will be kicked out of the game. You will not be able to log into either your destination shard or your original shard until the transfer has completed. Once the transfer is done your character will show on your character selection page on your new shard and will be gone from the old shard. A Transfer will take about 30 minutes and during that time you will not be able to log onto the character being transferred.

Yes, you finally did it! Welcome to your new home!

You can now log in to your new shard and a few things will automatically happen:

  • The wooden container labelled bank box will be gone and already at the nearest bank of your choice waiting for you
  • The wooden crate that was holding your pets is gone too, they have already settled in their new stable

So now you can start unpacking:

  • just drag the items out of the Transfer Crate into your backpack or onto your paperdoll

  • use the context menu of the “Your backpack” container to unpack your items into your backpack
  • the context menu of the “Your Worn Equipment” container, in the transfer crate automatically re-equips any items you were wearing/holding before
  • retrieve pets that remain in your transfer crate by selecting the “Unpack Pet” option in that pet’s context menu.
  • make sure you empty your transfer crate within 7 Days or anything you had in the crate will disappear for ever.

Now if it happens that for some stupid reason your computer crashes before you could finish the transfer, no reason to panic.

The transfer will be automatically canceled and you will find your character standing safely where you left him or her.

There is also a file in your UO folder that you may want to check to confirm what actually transferred. The file seems to include information for all character transfers you initiated from that particular computer using a particular client, so it can get quite lengthy. The information for the most recent transfer will show up at the end of the file. You can find it under Program Files\EA Games\Ultima Online The Eighth Age\translog.txt. (Substitute your UO version for “Ultima Online The Eighth Age.”)

Once you open the file, scroll up from the bottom until you get to the lines that show the date of the transfer transaction you had a problem with. About the fifth line down should be a Transfer ID number that might be helpful for your discussion/correspondence with customer support. About two lines below that should be a line that shows the total number of items transferred.

In case of problems:
EA support number is 1-866-543-5435


Game Time Code




Lady Aalia

March 2009

Last modified: April 13, 2014

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  1. I heard that u will be able to transfert char from production shard to Siege? is it done? Cause it is not mentionned on Origin Store still!

  2. Lady Arafel Ilianna says:

    Lady Aalia:

    I have some questions for you please, regarding the character name change token. If I change the name of a character of mine, will her personal bless deed still be usable? It currently makes items say “Blessed for [my character’s current name]”… so if I change her name, will the deed then bless items for my character’s new name? Thanks very much,
    Lady Arafel Ilianna


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