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Account Management

By Kayne


For all information regarding how to log into the UO Account Management page: How do I log into my account

Once you have logged in: I’ve logged into my account now what?


What do I do if I want to change/remove my Credit Card infomation?


First log into your account as normal.


On the lower half of the screen you will see one of the following depending on your subscription type


IF you do NOT have an active billing option (1 month, 3 month or 6 month recurring)

Click on Subscribe as if you were going to select a subscription as normal


IF you have an active billing option (1 month, 3 month or 6 month recurring)

If you have an active subscription you need to click Update Renewal

Whether you click subscribe or update renewal, you will then see the following screen:

Select any of the 3 billing cycles and click continue. (You will not be charged as you are not confirming the order at any stage) You are then presented with the following screen:


Click Manage Accounts in the top right corner (shown above).

You are then given this screen with any cards you had listed and the options to delete or edit the cards. (this will also allow you to change Paypal details)

When you click edit next to any of the cards you are presented with the usual screen for entering card details


In some cases attempts to update existing credit card information has failed. I this case select ‘delete’ then ‘add new card’ from the previous screen and re-enter your card information.

Many thanks to Larisa who supplied extra screen shots to show the editing of cards and update renewal buttons.

Last modified: October 9, 2013

7 Comments to “Account Management”

  1. Patricia Yeager says:

    I have tried since December 18th, 2013, to get my debit card information changed, and it keeps sending me to When I get to that page, it tell me to sign up for a new account, I want my two accounts, which are probably gone, I have been playing since 2002, and don’t want to start all over again. I had my two houses. I have gone down every avenue, on ultima online, going to places that would tell me, sorry wrong place, try this place, Right back to where I started from. Now I have a case number that someone was going to get in contact with me within 72 hours that was a week ago. Can someone please, please help me. I am 65 years young and not very smart on the computer. Thank You, Patricia Yeager.

    • hello
      There’s a limit to how much help we at Stratics, as an independent support site, can be but I will do my best.
      1. Are you able to log in to your EA account? They made your email address your EA account user name. You may have to apply for ‘lost password’ if you haven’t accessed it before.
      This guide:
      2. Your Mythic account name is your UO game account name with _uo added to the end.
      This guide:
      3. Finally, to change your credit or debit card information use the guide above.

      If you wish, you may contact me by icq (102280987) and I will attempt to walk you through the process. Do not, however, give me any of your account information.

      • Paticia Yeager says:

        I have tried EA log on and Orgin log on, and they wont let me in, I even changed the password, then got in they sent me a security code, used that, but it said it was the wrong code and I copied and pasted it. I don’t have Icq. <– Don't know what that is, as I am an oldtimer,and don't know about new fangled things, especially on a computer. My time on the computer was spent, going online to UO. and playing the game, now I can't do that. I keep running into brick walls. And they hurt, I have cried, become totally useless when it comes to the computer.
        Thank You, for your help.
        Patricia Yeager

        • The only thing I can now suggest is contacting the uo producer on [email protected]. Give her your account name (not the password) and any other info you can that is relevant, plus the information you’ve given here on your experience so far in trying to re-activate. She has helped others in your situation.

  2. Thank you for this explanation.
    EA/BioWare/Mythic Account Management is not user friendly.

  3. Thank you for this helpful, useful guide – I was getting deparate as to how to get to cc details. – You might also want to mention it seems to show a history of attempts to debit your cc – though it seems to show only failures and closures.


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