UO Stratics House of Commons Chat 23rd September 2009

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Zephenia Greetings everyone and thanks for
coming to this House of Commons chat with the Developers of Ultima
Online. Please direct all questions to [QT]Anubis and [QT]LairSpirit .
We will be starting momentarily.
Uriah Uriah — Cat Herder and resident guy who constantly loses his glasses
WilkiEA Hello world! I’m Wilki, UO Designer. THanks for coming out tonight!
Chrissay Hey guys this is Chrissay the Community Coordinator for Ultima Online
Sakkarah Howdy everyone, this is Sakkarah, UO Live Lead Designer and resident noobie, at your service!
Mesanna Good evening everyone, ADM and Event Moderator protector
Phoenix Howdy! I used to be Vex, then I went away for a while and now I’ve all like returned to UO and stuff. I’m the newest (and oldest) Systems Designer on the team now.
Zephenia <Stranger> I am unable to
access Thepem’s Tier 3 quests after completing ten of her Tier 2
quests. Is this a known issue and if so when is it going to be fixed?
WilkiEA Thepem only has two tiers of quests, but doing quests for Thepem will give you access to Zosilem’s quests.
Zephenia <Sable> In the release
notes, it was stated SA could be used on Win98 machines, yet it seems
Win98 machines cannot play UO now. This seems similar to a previous
publish/patch. Are you guys working to fix this to allow players with
older computers to keep playing?
Uriah For Windows 98 we’re discussing how to
support that OS in the future. As Microsoft doesn’t currently support
it, its going to be difficult moving forward, but we’re figuring out
what can be done for our players still on that platform.
Zephenia <Stranger> Why do the iron
beetles respawn so slow? They drop an item that is needed for two
quests and yet they only spawn in one location at a very slow rate. Is
something going to be done about this?
Sakkarah The beetles are just being shy at the moment seeing all these new faces around! Give them time!!
Sakkarah But on a more serious note, we will look into it so the availability of quest items is more reasonable.
Zephenia <Sable> I noticed some new
inaccessible areas in Despise Dungeon some time back. I thought these
would be entrances to the Stygian Abyss. Will they be in the future?
Sakkarah I’m afraid not. There are no Abyss entrances planned in Despise Dungeon.
Sakkarah The two entrances through Deceit and
Hythloth for the Champ Spawns are pretty much all you will get as far
as dungeon entrances aside from the Volcano.
Zephenia <zared> How come gargoyles
dont have extra attributes like elves have extra mana…since they are
bigger more powerful doesnt it stand to reason they need more strength
or hitpoints..As it stand now not many peeps dont see a need to make a
WilkiEA While gargoyles don’t have any
bonuses to things like strength or mana, they do have other things that
make them different. First, they can fly, which is pretty darned cool
in and of itself. But they also get bonuses to several skills,
including a success chance bonus to imbuing which can really help when
you’re trying to imbue at a high difficulty.
Zephenia <Iann> Will you ever allow
us to craft things like the Black Staff? As it stands now we can only
use looted or npc bought ones for imbuing.
WilkiEA There is no good reason why you
shouldn’t be able to craft things like the black staff. I will look
into it and see what we can do about adding them as craftables. If you
have any particular requests for items you want to see added, please
feel free to create a thread in Uhall and we’ll go from there.
Zephenia <Nhbdy> Renowned loot seems
depressingly bad for the ammount of time it can take to kill some of
them, yet there are unconfirmed reports of new drops, an official
Mark 11. I think the problem is that a few
specific renown mobs are not dropping good loot (rats) and we are
looking at that now to get them on par with other renowned creatures
Uriah woot Mark’s First Post!!
* Sakkarah cheers *
* Uriah applauds *
Phoenix Looks like his eleventh to me.
Chrissay eleven is that number still around?
Zephenia <Basara> New question: I
have a 100 ping rate to my shard, and find it impossible to complete
the colored room quest. any chance you could give us a few tenths of a
second more, for those of us not geographically close to our shard?
Sakkarah There are a few things currently being considered to help people with lag issues to complete the quest.
Sakkarah The difficulty is finding a middle ground that doesn’t make it cakewalk for people with a good ping.
Sakkarah So any change we make will likely
not be significant in the allocated time, and if it is, it will come
with some sort of penalty elsewhere.
Zephenia <Tazar> Rumor is that there
has been a change to the damage between the slayer and the super-slayer
class to make a normal slayer produce more damage. Is this true and if
so, why was this change made?
WilkiEA The rumor is true! Single slayers now
do more damage than super slayers. The simple answer for why is to give
players a reason to want to use single slayers again.The rumor is true!
Single slayers now do more damage than super slayers. The simple answer
for why is to give players a reason to want to use single slayers
Phoenix Teh deja vu, it gives me teh dizzeh!
WilkiEA oops, double post!
Uriah noooooo
Zephenia <Crazywoman> When can we
expect an eta on fixing the mud puppy and red herring trophies. If you
put the up and then reded them they become normal big fish
Mark the mud puppy and red herring trophy buggos are going to be fixed for the next publish
Zephenia <Crazywoman> Any particular reason the soulstone timer was removed?
Sakkarah Since you could already use multiple
fragments to bypass the timer and we made soulstone fragments
craftable, there really was no reason to keep the timer on soulstone.
Sakkarah As long as you’re using it from a
safe log out location, Whether you burn through 10 fragments or use
your full soulstone, does it make much of difference?
Zephenia <Tazar> Can the clients,
both classic and enhanced, be changed so that they store the value
selected at the last time for each property on the crafting menu of
WilkiEA Yes, it’s posssible, and we’re going to be looking into making the imbuing process more streamlined.
Zephenia <Tazar> How can i get enough
loyalrating on my worker char? Is there any other instead of fighting
to get this much loyalrating on my worker?
WilkiEA That’s a great idea, mind if we steal
it? :-) Seriously though, that’s something we’d like to implement in
the future via quests, or other means perhaps.
Zephenia <Nhbdy> When creating new
stealables, what goes into consideration? Is it simply making an item
out of a piece of art that has not been used, or do you attempt to
curve duping with the drops?
Sakkarah They are not necessarily meant to curve duping. Though if it helps accomplish that, we certainly wouldn’t weep over it 😛
Sakkarah It’s mostly a matter of desirabily and art availability. But I’m all in favor of killing two birds with 1 stone.
Sakkarah ps. no animals were hurt in the process
Zephenia <Tazar> Can the item
property selection screen be cleaned up a bit? Especially for jewelry.
All properties seem to be randomly thrown into the selection menu.
WilkiEA YES! That will be part of the streamlining process for imbuing in general.
Zephenia <Tazar> Pets that are
autostabled while under Medusa’s petrification are staying petrified
after several days. Is there a fix coming soon to save beloved pets
from this fate?
Phoenix Yes, I’ve been asked to take a look
at that for next publish. Assuming I’ve knocked most of the rust off, I
should be able to address it for next update.
Zephenia Well ya’all, THANKS FOR COMING! We
are done for this chat, all the remaining questions will be sent to the
Dev Team for possible inclusiuon in future FOF’s and HoC’s. Thanks for
Zephenia And thanks to the UO Dev team for taking the time to come and chat with us! :>)
WilkiEA Thanks everyone for coming this evening, I’m off to deal with a mongbat* infestation.
WilkiEA * no mongbats were harmed in the production of this episode. *
* Sakkarah eyes Wilki suspiciously *
Chrissay Good night everyone!! It was a lot of fun!!!
Uriah Thanks all!! Be well
Phoenix Last post!
Sakkarah Take care all!

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