The Virtues

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The Virtues

Clicking on the Virtues button, 4th from the left in the main menu toolbar, will open the Virtue gump.

Clicking on the button next to one of the virtue names will change the gump to display the information about that virtue and what level your character is at. For example, we will look at Sacrafice.

Looking at the Sacrifice gump, you will see at the top that I’m very close to reaching the highest level of this virtue (9/10).

To use this virtue, click on the icon in between the “more” and “back” buttons. This is the “Use” button. You can also drag this icon to a macro slot on your macro toolbars for easier use.
Currently, the “More” button doesn’t work, and the “Back” button takes you back to the list of virtues.

Last modified: March 26, 2011

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