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There is 9 hotbars with UOKR. At the far right side of the hotbar you will see the number 1 with an up and down arrow next to it. By clicking the up and down arrows, or pressing shift and number (1 to 9), you can rotate the hotbar to another one.

You can also right click on the hotbar and select “New Hotbar”. This will place another hotbar on the desktop. You can then move that hotbar to anywhere in the game window by dragging the far left bar of the hot bar, or you can click and drag the arrow in the bottom right corner of the hotbar and reduce it from 12 slots to 1,2,3,4 —>> back to 12, as well as moving it up or down to become vertical, as seen below.

To remove a hotbar from the game window, right click on it and select “Destroy Hotbar”. It will then ask you if you wish to remove it or not.

Hotbars can be used for items, skills, spells and to keep count of important stuff as well. (stack-able items show an item count in a hot-bar). For example, below is a hotbar with bandages that has been dragged onto it. As you can see, it has the current total of bandages that are in my backpack (293).

Last modified: March 26, 2011

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