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Kingdom Reborn New Player Guide 

Introduction: Gwen Tutorial

Guide Written by MissEcho

The next step in your journey is with Gwen,
the tour guide for new players and begins in at the dock in ‘Old Haven’.
Gwen has been provided to tutor you in how to perform some basic game
functions and movements.  This tutorial is only available in KR, if
you start your characters in any other client they will not have this
available, nor the rewards for completing the end quest!

(note: if you accidentally right click
on the tour window and it asks you if you wish to quit the quest, say no,
or you cannot restart it)

This tutorial is very simple and explains:

How to walk/run around : right click and hold the
button down in the direction you wish to go the further your cursor is
away the faster you travel.

How to open backpacks, containers, gates and doors from
your hotbar and ‘in game': left click once on your hotbar (backpack icon),
double left click a container/corpse/gate/door ‘in game’.

How to loot or pick up items from containers and
corpses: hold with left mouse click and drag to your backpack, or right
click on the item to auto loot corpses.

How to speak with Quest Givers: double left click
on them.

How to ‘Toggle Quest Items’: hold the shift key,
right click on yourself, select ‘Toggle Quest Item’, with the target
cursor left click on the item you wish to toggle (it turns orange) and
press <esc> to finish the toggle.

How to open your paperdoll: left click on the
hotbar icon (shaped like a head).

How to equip items: left click and hold cursor on
item, drag to the paperdoll slot or onto the main paperdoll graphic.

How to open the map: left click once on the hotbar
icon for the map (characterised by the letter N note: to view the large
map, click the small square at the top of the small round radar map,
clicking the ‘tick’ top right will return you to the radar map) .

How to recognise waypoints on the map: the small
colored dots, mouse over to view the description.

How to turn ‘war’ mode on and off: by left clicking
on the war/peace toggle icon on the main hotbar bottom left (crossed swords).

How to attack a monster: by left clicking it to
target while in war mode.

How to drink potions: by double left clicking them
in your backpack or single left clicking in a hotbar.

How to equip items to a hotbar: eg, bandages, spell
scrolls, potions, etc by left clicking and dragging the item to the bar,
left clicking once will ‘use’ the item.  (note, you can right click
an item once placed in a hotbar and select a targeting option of ‘self’
‘cursor’ or ‘current’.

How to get resurrected if you die: (and you are
meant to die in the tutorial, so don’t worry you don’t ‘suck’). Look on
your map for a ‘healer’ who will resurrect you, recognised by a small ‘red
dot’ waypoint.

Map of Haven

Once you have learnt the above, you will  be given a token of passage and will proceed
to a gate to exit ‘Old Haven’ where on your way you will encounter the
‘Dark Knight’ who you need to talk to on the way out. He will issue you a
challenge and give you a rune* to return when you think you are
good enough to ‘beat’ him. After talking to him you proceed through the
gate and head west along the path.  Gwen will say goodbye to you once
you safely reach the gates of ‘New Haven’ and direct you to the person who
can continue your training (Sir Helper the Profession Guide, outside the
bank in New Haven).

You may ‘exit’ the tour guide at anytime, however, it only
takes a few minutes and if you exit you will not have the opportunity to
challenge the Dark Knight and receive the reward he offers as you will not
obtain the ‘rune’ to return to him.

The Dark Knight – Issues a Challenge!


Challenging the Dark Knight

Once you have completed the tutorial, you will be able to
gain your skills and learn to fight, do some new player quests and
practice with interacting in the world, non player characters (NPC’s*)
and other characters you find wandering around New Haven.  Hang onto
the rune the Dark Knight gave you, put it in your bank box* 

for safe keeping until you are ready to challenge him. Skill gaining and
the new player quests are discussed in more detail in the next
section.  However these are some tips for when you are ready to

The Dark Knight is not an ‘easy’ kill so you need to be
ready.  Try and get your fighting skills up to around 60-70 points
and increase your strength (aim for 60 or more), dexterity and
intelligence stats to give you another edge.  Check the loot of
bodies you kill for armors/weapons that are better than what you are
wearing.  If you spend a fair bit of time training in New Haven which
will speed your training due to improved skill gain areas (ie from .1 to
.5 increments in skill point gain up to 50 points in skill, then .1 from
50 up) and do most of the new player quests on offer, the rewards you
obtain will assist you in getting a kit up to wear for the
challenge.  You may also run into other players there from various
guilds and be offered assistance from them.  Also check discarded
items around the bank as players often leave ‘ok’ items for new players to
pick up.  By the time you feel confident in new haven and can take
out a zombie, spellbinder and skeleton with ease you are probably ready to
have a go at the Dark Knight, however I recommend you head to Despise
dungeon and test your skills out there first as discussed in section 4. Where
to Now
.  If you still struggle with the monsters listed here then
you are probably not ready and will need more training.

Once you feel confident it is just a matter of grabbing
your rune and recalling* (by using a spell or scroll)  to the
Dark Knight.  You may need to move around in his area until he
‘summons’ you into his lair, do not exit by the moongate in there as it
will void the challenge..  Once there you just need to kill him!
If you are successful you will be given one of the following ‘rewards’ for
your efforts. At the time of writing the ‘known’ rewards are: 

  • a Skill Tutor Statuette, which is a great item for any
    character in ‘training’ as it tells you if what you are doing is the
    optimal level for your current skill or ‘too easy’ or ‘too
    hard’.  It is an item that is worth hanging onto or

  • an Echo Staff, which does a great lightning display
    when activated or

  • a Ring of the Servant which when activated 
    increases your stats for a period of time.  

If you are unsuccessful, he will toss you out to his Altar
and advise you to come back again in a few days.  You can only ever
receive one reward per character so even though you may go back if you win
the first time, you will not receive another reward.

3. Skill Training & New Player
-Training Skill – Skill Gain – How to make the most of your
Training – List of Quests & Rewards

to Main Menu


* bank box: each character starts the game with
access to a bank box.  This box is where you can store your items or
gold and anything else you wish to keep.  The box holds 125 items. To
access your bank box go to any bank and say ‘Bank’ and it will open. Other
commands used at the bank are ‘Balance’ to give you a current balance,
‘Check’ if you wish to convert your gold to a check, so it is able to be
carried in larger quantities, ‘Withdraw <amount eg> 200′ to take
200gps out of your bank.

* moongate: located to the south of Old Haven (on
the map) is how you travel to the rest of Britannia. Walking into a
moongate will show you a menu.  As a young* player you will
not be able to travel to the facet of Felucca, as this is where, among
other things, player v player combat takes place.  You will be able
to travel to all other places in Trammel, Malas and Ilshenar.

*NPC’s: are what most people call all the ‘in game’
Non-Player Characters generated by the system. In other words those
characters inside the shops who you may buy items from, wandering healers,
quest givers, trainers and any human type character who is not a ‘real’

*recall/recalling: this term is used for movement
between locations by using a spell (either a recall mage spell/scroll, or
paladin sacred journey spell) To recall you need to have the
skill/scroll/reagents or tithing points to activate it, and of course a
marked rune with the location you wish to travel to marked on it.

* rune: is an item which has a location marked on
it that you may use to ‘move’ from place to place with the use of spells,
either the ‘recall’ mage spell or scroll, or the ‘sacred journey’ paladin
spell. Casting the spell and targeting a rune will take you to the
location marked on that rune. Mages may ‘mark’ runes with another spell.

*young: if this is your first time playing Ultima
Online, or it is a brand new account, all your characters will be marked
as [young] when they are created. As stated ‘young’ players cannot
travel to Felucca facet, as a young player you will also not be able to
select Siege Perilous or Mugen Shards unless the young player status is
revoked.  Being young means that you cannot be attacked by
monsters or players unless you attack first, or they form part of a
quest.  You are considered ‘young’ as long as you have not played
more than 40 game hours and your characters have no more than 450 total
skill points. While under the ‘protection’ of having young status it is a
good move to take the opportunity to wander around the world, dungeons and
towns to get familiar with where things are for future reference. You may
elect to lose your ‘young’ status at any time by stating with any
character: “I renounce my young player status”


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