Lady Sweet Touch Bests Field In Guardians Gate Archery Tournament!

January 11, 2015 By: Morpheus Category: Chesapeake News


             In this weeks sporting news, the player city of Guardians Gate hosted many of the finest archers in the realm inside the cities famed Coliseum. Fourteen competitors from near and far took aim at the nights 1,000,000  gold purse as six rounds of tight matches took place with many of those coming down to the final shots to be decided.


ScreenHunter_24 Jan. 10 21.08



        In the end there was no match for Lady Sweet Touch as she swept her way through the nights field undefeated not only claiming the nights grand prize but also racking up the nights best ten shot score of 530! Her efforts were worth 2,000,000 gold! Rounding out the top three were Lord Aliric and Lady Pandora respectively. Congratultions to the nights Champion and all who came out to compete!


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