[EM Event] The Goblins and Humans of Tarna

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General Janar

General Janar

Bishop Bishop

Royal Spymaster Magnus Grey assembled the Royal Spies at their headquarters this evening with news from Michael of Moonglow.  “Michael believes he can make a connection to another of the prism worlds,” Grey announced.  The mission for the evening was simple:  travel to the new world, perform reconnaissance, and assess any threats to Britannia.  The Royal Spies departed to Lord Blackthorn’s castle to meet with Michael.

Michael of Moonglow awaited the arrival of the Royal Spies in the courtyard, standing next to his Ethereal Detector.  Warning that the detector was in need of repair, Michael informed the group, “I will need help from the other mages in your group to get the power,” securing passage to the next world through the prism gate.  Michael also warned, “[The prism] seems to pulse with a strange malevolent energy.”


The Gate to Tarna

The Gate to Tarna

Standing at the gate point near the blackrock dome, the runes now changed from an icy blue to a deep crimson, and a more triangular prism in place of the Anodunos prism, Michael instructed all of the mages to chant with him, “In Ort Vas Rel Por.”  It took quite some time to establish a connection to the next world, but once the connection was established, Michael ushered the Royal Spies through, waiting himself in Britannia near the gate.

On the other side, a strange, red goblin known as General Janar seemed most perplexed at the appearance of the Royal Spies.  “You look like a human to me, in spite of those silly wings you’re wearing,” Janar told a nearby gargoyle.  As more of the Spies appeared, Janar called out, “Halt!  Why are you not on your labor detail?  Humans!  Why are you not working?  All of you, why are you outside your area?”  Ra’Dian Fl’Gith of the Spies explained, “We’re from a distant land.”  “We conquered that,” was Janar’s reply.  While Fl’Gith tried to explain the situation, Janar became more incredulous, refusing to believe the incredible lies being told by the humans of various types (otherwise known as humans, elves, and gargoyles) before him.  Finally, Janar seemed to be done with the discussion, stating, “When humans get out of line, I always believe it is best to beat them back into place.  My mother taught me that saying and it is very wise.”  With little warning, many red-skinned goblins set in to attack the Royal Spies.

Perhaps it was Janar’s belief that the guards could not be felled by simple humans, or perhaps that he witnessed the tide going poorly, but after the guards had been felled, there was no further sign of the General.  Instead, the Royal Spies found a tunnel that led to a prison camp deeper in the complex.  One of the prisoners within, a man named Bishop, seemed surprised to see us.  “Shhh… don’t let the goblins on the walls see you,” Bishop warned.  “Why are you here?” he then asked.  “I told you not to come and rescue me.”  Again, Ra’Dian Fl’Gith took the lead in explaining the Spies’ situation, informing Bishop that the group was from off-world, seeking a blackrock prism that links the two worlds.  When Fl’Gith noted, “Sadly, we are facing a battle with Mors Gotha,” Bishop echoed her name.  “Has your world fallen too?” he asked.

Between Fl’Gith and Lady Martyna Z’muir, the pair filled Bishop in on everything to date regarding Anodunos, Beatrice, Mokpo, and the affairs with Mors Gotha and the blackrock prisms.  “So many of my allies are dead,” Bishop noted, and after the explanation of the pair, asked, “So you wish to close your world off from the others with this prism?”  Fl’Gith explained that the prism would be used to help defeat Mors Gotha as well, and Bishop pledged his aid.  “I am willing to help fight our mutual enemy.”  Bishop informed the Spies that he would go ask around for additional information in the camp, and advised the Spies to talk to others within the camp.

Goblin Attack

Goblin Attack

The tongue of one of the prisoners, a man named Marcus, had been cut out by the goblins.  Another prisoner, a goblin named Milenus, spoke of the last war between humans and goblins, noting that the goblins worship an unknown power called the Red Idol.  “It taught us dangerous blood magic,” Milenus spoke, “that let us wage war by famine and plague.”  The death and destruction brought by the plague prompted Milenus to aid Bishop with information, at least until he was caught.  Simon, a human prisoner, spoke of Bishop’s laughable escape attempts that ceased to be amusing to the goblins when Bishop made threats against the goblish Dictator Borne.  A final prisoner, Prince Felix, the last noble of the human kingdom Fyrna, spoke of his people, telling of their long plight against the goblins, which ended in the Crogus Mountains.  Only he and Marcus remain that he is aware of, though he hopes other knights remain.

As the Royal Spies investigated, a Tarnan ogre and several Tarnan trolls set upon them, however, the battle allowed for the final bits of information to be gathered.  Shortly after the humanoids were defeated, Bishop returned with information.  The prism, he noted, was not in the camp, but based on the proximity of the gate from Britannia, Bishop suggested it was likely within the goblins’ keep.  Bishop warned that with the chaos caused by the Royal Spies that the camp would be locked down soon by the goblins, so it would be difficult to enter the keep this eve, and suggested the Spies leave, and return another day when all had settled.

Returning to Britannia, the Spies informed Michael of the world beyond the gate.  Michael noted he would speak with King Blackthorn, and let the Spies return to their headquarters.  Much the same report was given to Spymaster Grey, but then a large debate over the next appropriate action broke out between various members of the Spies.  Some, like Lady Z’muir, Malag aste, and Ra’Dian Fl’Gith, stood fast that aid should be given to the peoples of Tarna to help them rise up against their goblin masters.  Others, like Lightning and Lord Neptune, felt that the focus should remain fully on the prism, and that if the opportunity presented itself to be of aid after Mors Gotha was no longer a threat to Britannia, then aid should be given.  With the discussion growing heated, Lord Grey suggested the debate be tabled until after the debriefing was over, and promised to speak with the King on the matters before the Spies.


History of Tarna by Bishop
I never expected to spend my final days writing a history of the world, but I never expected to waste away in a prison camp in the Crogus Mountains either.  Tarna was home to many different intelligent creatures, but the two largest populations were the goblins and humanity.  Centuries of war and uneasy peace had set up a tension between the hordes of goblins and kingdoms of humanity.  There was always a balance between the two, so neither could gain advantage.
      That changed a score and a half years ago.  The goblins started a brutal war with humanity, one that was different than all that came before.  The goblins had terrible magics, taught to them by a malevolent being from another world.  When this voice first called out across the Void, several sensitive monks of my order dropped dead from the raw power behind it.  I left my training to help.  Human kingdom after kingdom fell to the goblins, until only Fyrna remained.  I lead a small Resistance out of the barren wastes near the Crogus Mountains, hoping that Fyrna could turn the war around.  I had some information from Milenus, a goblin who served one of the dictators of his people, that led me to learn more about our enemy.
      His people had been visited by an emissary of their Red Idol, a human woman named Mors Gotha.  She claimed that with humanity almost conquered it was time for the goblin hordes to pay the tribute that was required.  The goblins paid for this with the blood and sweat of human labor.
      I spent this time trying to learn more about this Mors Gotha, reaching out to worlds and making allies.  Of these, Fissif and Beatrice are dead.  Mokpo has disappeared.  Only Altara and Zoranthus remain.  None were able to help my world as their own faced similar perils.  Eventually, the last human prince, Felix, was captured, and Fyrna fell to the goblin hordes.  With the final front of the war won, the goblins focused on every pocket of resistance.  Most of us were killed, but those deemed interesting or with useful knowledge or skills were put into prison camps.



Royal Britannian Guard:
Tuesday, March 12th, 8:00 PM CST

Royal Spies:
Tuesday, March 19th, 8:00 PM CST
Tuesday, March 26th, 8:00 PM CST

Other Events:
Spring Flowers, Saturday, March 23rd, 8:00 PM CST
Farm Boy, Saturday, March 30th, 8:00 PM CST

[EM Event] An Airy Game of Void Tag

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On Tuesday, February 12, Lord Magnus Grey assembled the Royal Spies in a continued effort to investigate the strange, frozen world of Anodunos. The first order of business was to interview the person rescued from Anodunos the week before. Returning to the Inn near their headquarters, it was readily apparent than enemy forces from within the Spies’ own ranks were out to throw a kink in the plans. Several people, Dirty Underwear, Mr. Bubbles, Jerry Blotter, Anorexorcist-, Artimis Fowl, DontsmokeCigs, A-S-H-E-R-D, and more were witnessed casting multiple spells in an attempt to slow the progress of the Royal Spies. However, their efforts were for naught.

Mokpo, as the person from Anodunos later became known, awoke with a scream. “I must wake up!” Mokpo yelled, pinching himself in apparent disbelief. Attempts by members of the Spies to comfort him went unnoticed as Mokpo continued on in confusion. A loud explosion issued from the main room of the inn, and Mokpo himself ran outside. A couple of more explosions occurred, and in the confusion, Mokpo continued to run around outside of the inn. Both Galen and Ra’Dian Fl’Gith of the Spies tried further to calm Mokpo, but he suddenly called out, “Kal Hur Ort Por!” and disappeared in a strange vortex of wind.

Michael's Detector

Michael’s Detector

Before long, Michael of Moonglow appeared on the scene, noting, “I heard the rumble from the castle.” The Spies quickly filled him in on what had transpired, and immediately plans were set in motion to determine where Mokpo had gone. To that end, Michael placed a strange device on the ground. “It is based on the blackrock detector,” Michael explained. Martyna Z’muir responded with sarcasm, “Right… since that worked so well,” refering to the original blackrock detector that ripped a hole in Moonglow and opened up a transdimensional gateway to an alternate Moonglow where the Shadowlords reigned supreme. Michael quickly explained that this new detector would not echo magic off of blackrock like the previous detector had, but instead, would use “a small spell that is connected to the gate Mors Gotha cast.” Activating the device, it was quickly discovered that Mokpo was south of Luna, near the first bridge.

At the bridge, the Royal Spies encountered fallen paladins, and also witnessed Lucienne of the Bastion of Light attempting to lure Mokpo into his confidence. “We’re the good guys,” Lucienne told Mokpo, “the heroes of the land, the voice of the people!” Yet, Mokpo continued on in confusion, insistant that he was still dreaming and needed to wake up. As quickly as he was found, he vanished in another vortex of wind.

Xenve Anamolem

Xenve Anamolem

Returning to Britain, the Spies reported what had occurred to Michael, and again, Mokpo was tracked, this time to Xenve Anamolem, the gargish fortress on Fire Island. Rushing through the hallways of the ancient dungeon, Mokpo was quickly found, and this time was more talkative. “I came here because I saw a way back to the Void,” Mokpo explained, “But it doesn’t work. I can’t seem to wake up.” Trying to convince Mokpo that he was indeed awake, Martyna Z’muir noted, “We are the ones who Hawkwind said you should lead.” Mokpo paused at the mention of Hawkwind’s name, but before more could be learned, the Bastion of Light errupted onto the scene and a massive battle began. After the battle was won, Mokpo cried out, “What is wrong with you people? Killing each other? If this is real… why do you hurt each other?” Several of the Spies explained that they fought only in defense, but as they spoke, Mokpo’s hands errupted in flame, another explosion occurring. A gate opened to a desert northeast of the Royal City in Ter Mur, as Mokpo noted that he needed to get home.

Shrine of Spirituality

Shrine of Spirituality

In the desert, Mokpo noticed a growth of dream spice, and indicated that he would need more of it in order to get home. The spies immediately set about helping him to do so, and quickly encountered Void Dreamers, strange beasts that seemed almost unreal. With the dream spice recovered, it became important to find a way into the Void. “How about the Shrine of Spirituality?” Martyna Z’muir suggested, indicating the Shrine in Ilshenar where Mondain’s Skull was being kept. “I remember that place…” Mokpo noted, “Hawkwind took me there. We should go there.”

The Bastion of Light must have somehow known what the next step would be, for they were awaiting in force within the Shrine, however, they were fairly quickly dispatched. Mokpo then ate the dream spice, eager to return home. “I am of the Void,” Mokpo spoke before he departed. “I was born on a world like yours. But I dreamed of the real world that connects all dreams together. So I found a way there. And now I can go back home. But I owe you a favor. When you come to the final world, I will help you find the final prism. Good luck on your journey. You are not alone.”

The Royal Spies returned to Britannia to report in to Lord Grey. An ally had been found.


My Home by Mokpo the Mighty
I am a being of the Ethereal Void.  I was born in a nightmare, but I woke into the stillness of the Void.  It is a place of immeasurable vastness.  There are many things I cannot tell you.  I do not have answers about the nature of my home.  I only know I was meant to be here.  I sometimes return to my nightmare, and it is cold and harsh and terrible.  In the Void, I am warm and happy.  Much of the Void is without shape or being.  In the beginning, the entire Void was without form, an area composed of undifferentiated ether.  Over the time, areas solidified and took the shape of the magics around them.  Moongates appeared and connected so many different dreams.  I sometimes like to stare through the gates at these imaginary places.