(Player Event) Open Contract – Trinsic Lighthouse {Competition}

January 28, 2014 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News


For the background story on this click here : CLICKY!!

The City of Trinsic is offering the following building contract to all architects of the land. The contract will be awarded to the best design submitted. Designs will be judged by King Blackthorn, and will be presented to him with the architect’s name removed to ensure fairness.

Building Type : Lighthouse. (Inclusion of an actual deeded lighthouse is optional.)
Plot Size : 7×10.
Due Date : Sunday February 9th, 24:00 Midnight EST.
Remuneration : 30 Million Gold & A Lighthouse Deed.

Architects are required to send their proposed blueprints (screenshot) to the Trinsic City office for consideration before the due date of February 9th, midnight EST. The Trinsic City office mailing address is as follows:

Trinsic City Planning Office
[email protected]
** You can also submit your screenshots by private conversation with me on these forums.

Blueprints will then be forwarded to the King, with the architects name removed to preserve fairness in judging. The judging will be held over a week. The architect of the selected blueprints will awarded the contract as part of the ceremonies during the shard-wide fishing competition event on the evening of the February 15th. building construction will commence the next day. A plaque will be mounted at the base of the lighthouse displaying the architect’s name.

Good luck to all, and remember, always read the fine print! ;)

– Soar

The Fine Print
* Questions can be posted to this thread. Please do not post your screenshots to this thread! Send them to the email : [email protected]
* Please include your character name and a way to reliably contact you with your submission.
* As the architects names will be kept secret, the competition is open to all, including citizens of Trinsic.
* There are many open housing plots and endless free resources on the Test Center shard. You can also copy your character from your main shard, including all items in your pack, using the help menu in game. Also houses on the Test Center do not count towards your one house per account limit.
* To take a screenshot, press the “PrintScreen” key. The image is saved in your MyDocuments folder, usually under “EA Games”.
* If you want to include a deeded lighthouse in your design but cannot get hold of one to copy to Test Center, please post here and we can arrange to have one copied for you.
* Only real in-game screenshots will be accepted. No photoshop works. The winning design will be tested before the contract is awarded.
* Only house customization elements (all upgrades) may be used. No lockdowns or house addons with the exception of the Lighthouse deed.
* In the event of an unforeseen controversy, the coordinator’s judgment (Soar) will be final in all things.