Haven Fest April 13th 9PM

March 25, 2014 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News

Since there are new governors in some of the towns I ask that the new governors please contact me concerning their towns for Haven Fest. For unrepresented towns, if someone or a guild would like to represent a town please message me or Dante (screen name Brock in Stratics forums), or leave a reply here to let us know so that all towns are represented.

I will restate the meaning behind this event for those that may have not been able to go to a Haven Fest yet. Haven Fest is an event for introducing new players into the world of UO, it helps out by handing out items to them so that they can begin with better equipment, and it also allows them to meet players from around the shard. It has been wonderful to see the number of people that come together for this event, the positive feedback, and the excitement the event brings to the entire UO community.

I would still like to see the towns add mini events to their contribution to Haven Fest, for this month I will put a time for each town to hold their event. Please keep the mini events short, this way new players have the option of doing numerous things during the night.

I would prefer that should towns decide to hold an event that scheduled times not be needed, because as you see it makes the event run late. My desired outcome is that each town do their mini events throughout the night repeatedly, similar to game booths in amusement parks.

Another idea that popped into my head was an addition of a vendor area. It would be limited to 4-6 tables so if you would like to promote your player vendor by having a booth leave a message here.
Also let me if you would like to volunteer be the ‘tavern keeper’ so that haven fest has food and drinks served.
I made an image of placement of these areas. Please let me know your thoughts.