(Player Event) GSF forum auction – 4th to 9th May

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This is a standard forum auction for lot numbers 101-232 of the GSF auction, which is aiming to raise money for our town treasuries.

Standard auction protocol applies and I reserve the right to disregard bids if they don’t appear to be made in good faith, etc, etc.

Some lots carry a (unspecified) reserve price and will not be sold if that is not met. Just make reasonable offers!

To make a bid, simply post the item number and the amount in this thread. Bid raises must be a reasonable increase over the previous high bid in order to be valid. In general, use the following guideline:

up to 200k: increments of 10k
200k – 500k: increments of 25k
500k – 1 million: increments of 50k
1 – 2 million: increments of 100k
2 – 5 million: increments of 250k
5 – 10 million: increments of 500k
over 10 million: increments of 1 million

The auction will run until the end of Friday on the 9th May. For a bid to be valid, it must be timestamped no later than 23:59 Eastern Daylight Time [03:59 GMT] AND in the final two hours must meet at least the minimum bid increments listed above.

Wining lots may be collected at the live auction on Saturday, or by other arrangement.

Good luck!!

Lot listings

Unless otherwise stated, lots give 5% of sale price to Town Fund, 95% to seller.
Lots marked [Town Fund] indicates that 100% of sale price goes to the Town Fund.
Lots marked [individual town] give 5% of sale price to Town Fund, 95% to specified town.
Names shown are the person that donated the item.

Current high bids and bidders will be shown in yellow.

#101 Priority seating at the live auction on Saturday

The two highest bidders for this will be entitled to sit at the thrones in Gilfane Arena during the live auction, or nominate someone in their place. [Town Fund]
#102 Ladder deed Sara Dale [Town Fund – Sara Dale]
#103 Flowerpot Sara Dale [Town Fund – Sara Dale]
#104 Candelabra of Souls [Town Fund – Sara Dale]
#105 5 x Ship’s strongboxes [Town Fund – Sam]
#106 Mounted Dread Horn [Town Fund – Shakespeare]
#107 Mailbox [Town Fund – Shakespeare]
#108 Grizzled skull collection [Town Fund – Shakespeare]
#109 White grandfather clock [Town Fund – Shakespeare]
#110 Slime statue Kattasrophe [Town Fund – Kattasrophe]
#111 2 x Snow tiles Kattasrophe [Town Fund – Kattasrophe]
#112 Grass tile Kattasrophe [Town Fund – Kattasrophe]
#113 Broadsword plaque Mish O Sha [Town Fund – Mish O Sha]
#114 16th Anniversary holiday bundle (candle tray, 2 x silver serving tray, lobster dinner by EM Bennu, claw foot tub, plant deed, SoA book) [Town Fund – Mish O Sha]
#115 Mummified corpse (Primeval Lich drop) [Town Fund – Becca]
#116 Globe of Sosaria [Town Fund – Becca]
#117 17 x hand painted masks (5 plague, 3 porcelain, 2 evil jester, 2 evil clown, 5 daemon) [Vesper – Estate of Yahaxithonix]
#118 Snow tree deed
#119 Dragon head deed
#120 Thanksgiving pigskin football
#121 2 x Totems (Lever puzzle reward)
#122 Ten assorted special fishing nets
#123 Deed for a roasting pig on a spit
#124 Deed to a guildstone – NEWMAN PROVISIONERS [TNP)
#125 3 x Tragic remains of Travesty
#126 Horse barding deed
#127 Archery butte deed
#128 Silver sapling deed
#129 Sleeping hamster container
#130 Hovering wisp
#131 6 x Large piece of blackrock
#132 A spiderweb deed
#133 Eleven assorted mini house deeds (all different; no keep, castle, towers)

#134 Two complete sets of ten grapevines (20 items) [Town Fund – Sam]
#135 Fountain of Life [Town Fund – Sara Dale]
#136 10th Anniversary sculpture [Town Fund – Shakespeare]
#137 3 x Roses of Trinsic [Town Fund – Shakespeare]
#138 Hitching post [replica] (15 uses remaining, rechargeable number-2) [Town Fund – Shakespeare]
#139 Scrolls of transcendence book [Town Fund – Shakespeare]
#140 Barbed runic sewing kit (15 uses)
#141 2 x Fountains of Life
#142 Ancient hammer +30 (600 uses)
#143 2 x Roses of Trinsic
#144 A chest of sending
#145 2 x Forged pardons
#146 20 x Adept treasure maps (Felucca)
#147 4 x Blessed Statues

#148 Deed for a stone ankh (5th year vet reward) [Town Fund – Shakespeare]
#149 Furniture dye tub (1st year vet reward) [Town Fund – Shakespeare]
#150 Slate blue pigment (1 use remaining) [Town Fund – Kattasrophe]
#151 Special dye tub (1st year vet reward)
#152 Furniture dye tub (1st year vet reward)
#153 Black dye tub (1st year vet reward)
#154 Leather dye tub (2nd year vet reward)
#155 White leather dye tub
#156 Four 1st year Reward Statuettes (demon, dragon, gargoyle, skeleton)

#157 Holiday gift ticket 2011 [Town Fund – Sara Dale]
#158 Heritage token [Town Fund – City of New Magincia]
#159 Heritage token [Town Fund – Shakespeare]
#160 2 x Heritage tokens [Skara Brae – Becca]
#161 2 x Heritage tokens
#162 Race change token
#163 A crystal token

#164 14th Anniversary gift ticket
#165 A crystal token
#166 2 x Seventh Anniversary tokens
#167 2 x Eighth Anniversary tokens

#168 5 x Barbed leather LRC suits (dyed white, no other mods) [Town Fund – Beli Mawr]
#169 5 x Barbed leather LRC suits (dyed white, no other mods) [Town Fund – Beli Mawr]
#170 Planesword & planeshield [Town Fund – Beli Mawr]
#171 Pads of the Cu Sidhe [Town Fund – Sara Dale]
#172 The Most Knowledge Person robe [Replica] (Hit Points +3) [Town Fund – City of New Magincia]
#173 Blessed black sandals [Town Fund – Kattasrophe]
#174 Spirit of the Totem (cursed) [Town Fund – Kattasrophe]
#175 Jackal’s Collar (cursed) [Town Fund – Kattasrophe]
#176 Ring of the Elements (cursed) [Town Fund – Kattasrophe]
#177 Aegis (cursed) [Town Fund – Kattasrophe]
#178 Helm of Insight (cursed) [Town Fund – Kattasrophe]
#179 Swords of prosperity [Town Fund – Becca]
#180 Rune beetle carapace [Vesper – Estate of Yahaxithonix]
#181 10 x enchanted kelp woven leggins [Vesper – Estate of Yahaxithonix]
#182 Jade snake head (Poison eater-5, SR-2, Poison resist-3, LMC-5) [Vesper – Estate of Yahaxithonix]
#183 Scout armor set (six pieces) [Vesper – Estate of Yahaxithonix]
#184 Corgul’s handbook of the undead [Vesper – Estate of Yahaxithonix]
#185 Talisman of the Fey (cu sidhe)
#186 3 x shields of invulnerability
#187 Armor of Fortune (cursed)
#188 2 x Royal Leggins of Embers (not imbued)
#189 Scrapper’s Compendium
#190 Hygieia’s amulet (+10% alchemy bonus)
#191 Scrapper’s Compendium (Mana +5)
#192 Hooded Shroud of Shadows (hero dyed)

#193 5000 enhanced bandages [Town Fund – Beli Mawr]
#194 4000 orange petals [Town Fund – Beli Mawr]
#195 1000 orange petals [Town Fund – Beli Mawr]
#196 4000 Rose of Trinsic petals [Town Fund – Beli Mawr]
#197 1000 Rose of Trinsic petals [Town Fund – Beli Mawr]
#198 15000 plain leather [Town Fund – Sara Dale]
#199 10000 enhanced bandages [Town Fund – Sara Dale]
#200 10000 spined leather [Town Fund – Sara Dale]
#201 500 arcane gems [Town Fund – Mish O Sha]
#202 60000 garlic
#203 5000 barbed leather
#204 20000 oak logs

#205 120 blacksmithing scroll [Town Fund – Mish O Sha]
#206 120 ninjitsu scroll [Skara Brae – Gilfane treasury]
#207 120 imbuing scroll [Vesper – Estate of Yahaxithonix]
#208 +20 stat scroll
#209 +25 stat scroll
#210 110 fishing scroll
#211 120 anatomy scroll
#212 120 animal lore scroll
#213 120 animal taming scroll
#214 120 bushido scroll
#215 120 discordance scroll
#216 120 fencing scroll
#217 120 meditation scroll
#218 120 music scroll
#219 120 necromancy scroll
#220 120 parry scroll
#221 120 peace scroll
#222 120 provocation scroll
#223 120 spellweaving scroll
#224 120 spirit speak scroll
#225 120 stealing scroll
#226 120 stealth scroll
#227 120 swords scroll
#228 120 tactics scroll
#229 120 tailoring scroll
#230 120 throwing scroll
#231 120 veterinary scroll
#232 120 wrestling scroll

(Player Event) GSF live auction – 10th May at 3pm

May 04, 2014 By: Flair Category: Siege Perilous News

On Saturday, 10th May at 3pm Eastern, the representatives of the King’s Council will be holding a shard public auction in order to give the people of Siege an opportunity to trade goods, promote shard interaction, and raise money for town treasuries (aka the Governor Slush Fund [GSF]). Due to the large volume of items submitted for sale, a separate forum auction will also be held in the days leading up to the live event.

Venue & auctioneer 

The auction will take place at Gilfane Arena and I will be acting as auctioneer. The arena is located a little east of the Skara ferry in the central Gilfane area. You can also get there via teleporters: the “Gilfane” teleporter in the Hub Pub east of Umbra will bring you to the Citadel next door, and one directly to the Arena will be available from New Magincia Town Hall (the building closest to the bank).
The auction will be taking place on the top floor; follow the stairs up to the second floor then use one of the teleporters south of the fountain.

Auction staff will be wearing the Gilfane black and/or blood-red colours.

Commission & donations

The auctioneer will levy a charge of 5% on all lots sold and the money so raised (the “Town Fund”) will be split equally between the seven towns involved (Jhelom, Minoc, Moonglow, New Magincia, Skara Brae, Trinsic, Vesper). In addition, many lots have been donated entirely for the benefit of the Town Fund (100% of sale price to fund) or to an individual town (5% to Town Fund, 95% to nominated town).

The public is also welcome to make a cash donation directly to the auctioneer, in favour of either the Town Fund or a specific town. This is no different than giving cash directly to the town heralds, except that your donation will appear in the official accounts and will therefore be recorded for posterity.

Supporting activities

The following promotions will be in place at the event, with all monies raised going to the Town Fund:

a) Priority seating: With lot #101 in the forum auction section, there is the opportunity to bid for thebest seats in the house at Gilfane Arena.

b) Raffle draw: Buy a book from the raffle vendor and have a chance of winning a commodity deed box.

c) Duck pond: Kattasrophe will be running a duck pond event prior to the auction start. Pick the right duck and win a prize!

d) Food concessions: Some top-quality baked goods will be available to sustain you through all that frantic bidding, including some commemorative three-tiered cakes. They won’t be particularly cheap, but hey, have you seen the price of dough these days?

Auction house rules

All those attending the sale are asked to be considerate to other participants and not do anything to disrupt or unnecessarily delay proceedings, especially pointless spamming of text and/or spells. Those engaging in aggressive, disorderly or suspicious behaviour are liable to be removed from the building by officials. In addition, the following prohibitions are in effect:

a) No hiding or stealthing within the arena building, unless authorized to do so or in self-defence.

b) No casting of spells in the arena building unless authorized to do so or in self-defence. Exceptions are minor beneficial spells such as night sight, provided these are not spammed. The opening of gates is specifically banned; please go outside to do this.

c) No sitting in the priority seating (the thrones) without authorization.

d) No entering the secure area (grassy part of the arena) without authorization (such as when purchasing winning bids).


Bids can be made at the live event by calling out the amount that you wish to bid. In the case of two identical bids, the one accepted will be the first that appears in the auctioneer’s journal.

The auctioneer will try and keep bidding at set levels in relation to the current bid price, but this is not set in stone. However, bids of odd amounts or only marginally above the current high bid may either be rejected or rounded down. The general bid levels are as follows:

up to 200k: increments of 10k
200k – 500k: increments of 25k
500k – 1 million: increments of 50k
1 – 2 million: increments of 100k
2 – 5 million: increments of 250k
5 – 10 million: increments of 500k
over 10 million: increments of 1 million

Winning bidders

Although encouraged to stay until the end of the auction, winning bidders may claim their items at any time by approaching an assistant cashier (not the auctioneer, please). You should then follow their instructions to get to the secure checkout area. Sales will be made via a vendor.

If you have to leave the auction unexpectedly and do not have time to claim your items, please at least inform an official. Failure to claim items or give notice may lead to them being offered to the underbidder instead.

Reserve Price

Many items in the sale will carry a reserve price. If bids do not meet or exceed this reserve price, the lot will go unsold. Even if no reserve has been specified, the auctioneer may, at his discretion, decline to sell a lot if he does not believe that a reasonable bid has been offered

Commission bids

We encourage as many people as possible to try and attend the auction, but if you are unable to do so, and do not have anyone who can act on your behalf, then it is possible to send in a bid in advance of the sale, known as a commission bid. A commission bid represents the maximum amount your are prepared to pay for the item, and the auctioneer will bid on your behalf up to this amount.

The following rules apply to commission bids:

a) To make a commission bid, PM me with “Commission bid” as the title. Include the lot number and description of the item(s) you wish to bid on, together with the maximum amount you are prepared to pay. Bids should be in line with the amounts shown in the “Bidding” section above. Do not post your commission bids in this thread.

b) If I do not know you, and it is not obvious from your Stratics name, then please tell me who you are in-game. Commission bids may be limited or even rejected from complete strangers without some sort of security.

c) In the event of identical commission bids, the one received first will take priority.

d) Commission bids must reach me by the end of Friday to be guaranteed for inclusion.

e) Commission bids are held in strict confidence and will not be revealed to anyone other than the auctioneer. However, the identity of any winning bidders will be entered into the public record.

f) Successful bidders will be notified of any items that they win. Please try and make arrangements to collect the items within forty-eight hours of the end of the sale. Failure to make adequate communications with the auctioneer may result in the items being withdrawn and offered instead to the underbidder.

Official accounts & settlement

A record of sale prices and all monies raised will be published after the auction. The auctioneer will deposit the money raised for each town directly with the heralds in the presence of Kattasrophe and/or another creditable witness.

Settlement with those who have submitted items for sale will be made as soon as practicable.

Confidentiality & liability

All reserve prices, commission bids and other privileged information from buyers & sellers will be kept in confidence by the auctioneer except in the event of a new auctioneer having to be appointed due to illness or force majeure.

Final responsibility for items being sold, monies raised thereon, and the conduct of the auction, lies with the auctioneer and not the members of the King’s Council.

Live sale listing

Unless otherwise stated, lots give 5% of sale price to Town Fund, 95% to seller.
Lots marked [Town Fund] indicate that 100% of sale price goes to the Town Fund.
Lots marked [individual town] give 5% of sale price to Town Fund, 95% to specified town.
Names shown are the person that donated the item.

#1 Figurehead, ship’s bell & stern anchor of BMV Ararat [Town Fund – Sara Dale]
#2 2 x academic bookcases [Town Fund – Sara Dale]
#3 2 x Evil Furniture tokens
#4 Scrapper’s Compendium (Med +10, MR-1) [New Magincia – Sir AJ]
#5 120 archery scroll [New Magincia – Othello]
#6 Set of nine virtue tiles [Town Fund – Mish O Sha]
#7 Cursed Ornament of the Magician
#8 A gilded statue from the personal collection of the king
#9 100 essence of feeling [Town Fund – Mish O Sha]
#10 14th Anniversary gift ticket
#11 Ancient hammer +60 (600 uses)
#12 Bloody sash (transforms wearer into werewolf at night) [Town Fund – Shakespeare]
#13 6 x Heritage tokens [Vesper – Estate of Yahaxithonix]
#14 Two complete sets of ten grapevines (20 items) [Town Fund – Sam]
#15 Tome of Lost Knowledge [Skara Brae – Becca]
#16 Rechargeable teleporter set [Town Fund – Baby Doll]
#17 20000 arrows [Town Fund – Sara Dale]
#18 Raised garden bed
#19 +25 stat scroll
#20 60000 nightshade
#21 10 x fabled fishing nets
#22 Mailbox [Town Fund – Sara Dale]
#23 Blessed lucky necklace [Town Fund – Becca]
#24 120 mysticism scroll
#25 +5 Exodus stat scroll
#26 Runebook dye tub (4th year vet reward)
#27 2 x soulstone fragment tokens
#28 Blaze Lady Mel hair dye
#29 Primeval Lich eight-piece rack set
#30 Primeval Lich executioner’s axe deed
#31 Primeval Lich glowing red corp rune
#32 120 focus scroll
#33 2 x race change tokens
#34 Clothing bless deed
#35 30000 plain logs [Town Fund – Sara Dale]
#36 Pigments of Tokuno (rum red, 50 charges) [Town Fund – Kattasrophe]
#37 Orc ship deed [Town Fund – Frost]
#38 Staff of Pyros [Town Fund – City of New Magincia]
#39 Troop’s blessed purple shoes [Town Fund – Troop]
#40 Blessed event spellbook (DCI-5, SDI-21, FCR-1, LMC-4) [Town Fund – Shakespeare]
#41 20000 enhanced bandages [Town Fund – Beli Mawr]
#42 Charger of the Fallen statuette [Town Fund – Shakespeare]
#43 Isolated forest keep in the Shadowlands (799, 1346)
#44 9 x heritage tokens
#45 Dark gray robe (4th year vet reward) [Town Fund – Kattasrophe]
#46 Spring decor collection token (good for one item)
#47 10000 barbed leather
#48 AoS robe “Knight Stalker”
#49 Ethereal tiger (15th year vet reward) [Trinsic – Kelmo]
#50 Personal attendant token
#51 Ethereal Beetle Statuette [5th year vet reward]
#52 Vollem in crystal
#53 Davies’ locker deed [8th year vet reward]
#54 120 magery scroll [Town Fund – Gilfane treasury]
#55 Advanced character token [Town Fund – Gilfane treasury]