Febuary EM Schedule

February 13, 2014 By: Morpheus Category: Chesapeake News

From the quill of EM Drosselmeyer:

“Sorry about the lateness in posting this!
Tuesday the 11th at 7 PM – Hall of Commons! Catch up on the past storyline with us and we’ll answer any questions!
Thursday the 13th @ 9 PM – Governors Council! Don’t miss it!
Tuesday 18th at 7 PM EST – The Sosarian Solstice Faire is back, and they’ve found something that was leftover. Hopefully we can handle the leftovers!
Friday the 28th at 7 PM EST – Of Orbs, Staves, and Temples.
(Tentative) Monday March 2nd at 7 PM – RBG- Come for maneuvers and promotions!”