Sosaria Reels Interviews Jeff Skalski

March 02, 2012 By: Sosaria Reels Category: UO in Action

Sosaria Reels recently spent some time talking with


Jeff Skalski, Ultima Franchise Producer


We hope you enjoy the interview!


2 Comments to “Sosaria Reels Interviews Jeff Skalski”

  1. SixUnder says:

    Not one single word about PvP.


  2. Balinor of Pk? says:

    Hi Jeff, I just wanted to say, I listened very closely to what you had to say, and want to congradulate you on being a forward thinker, and instead of hardlining “scripting”, taking a closer look at it as a playstyle, and considering other options. Bravo. Way to use the moneymaker between your shoulders. :)


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