Sleuths find sacred Alchemy Books – Algenon crumbles to Dust

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*Posted with permission from the author Shadow Riter

Daniel had sent word that one of his “associates” had seen Knavish Natasha and a woman in a light brown robe arguing loudly. He thought we should investigate as where there is Natasha there is reason to be concerned. We all met at the Guard Hall and grouped close together.

“Seems the woman posing as a Master in Alchemy thinks her role was more significant than Natasha’s. She fled toward the caravan pass between Britainnia and the yew road. Natasha was not pleased and followed. I am hoping we can find the books to return to Algenon. Maybe there is something in them that will help. It might be dangerous so keep a weapon at the ready. I doubt Natasha and that woman will succumb to our charm and compromise with us. I think we need to use all the strength we have. I would have asked Bob to call the guard but we must keep Algenon’s place secret.”

We started out from the Britannia moongate toward the farms near the mountains. The air was brisk and there was a lot of snow on the ground. Covering our tracks was futile. As we approached the pass we could see two women in a heated argument. Maybe Natasha was more patient than we thought. I would have thought she would have taken care of her problem already. Perhaps it was a trap. Maybe she wanted to lure us to her. Could it be that we were her target and not this Alchemy student?

My thoughts were confirmed. Soon several Alchemy imposters ran down the side of the mountain tossing all sorts of vile potions. Trix, Estaban, Shumer, Rasesar Wej, and Blueberry Muffin were not going to stand Idle while these posers jumped upon us. Blueberry Muffin who I suspect has a love of fire was the first to cast a spell in retaliation. The Alchemy Poser quickly screamed “Guards! Murder is being done!”

Victor and Snowflake answered her with Vas An Flam and An Lor Xen. Not to be out done, JINX and Shumer added their heat to the fray” Kal Vas Flam” Soon we were all sputtering spells and sending our attackers nasty little surprises. They did not stop. They sent explosions and Molotov cocktails that seared our flesh. I protected my eyes as best I could. A potion like that was sure to blind. I looked about to see Agrias Oaks stumbling in pain. He had been hit directly with an acidy potion. Jinxs also must have been hit as I heard him cry out in pain, “JINX: aooooooooooooaaaooooooooooooooooooooooooooo”

As we fought on several of us searched the corpses for any signs of Algenon’s books. Mix found the first one.  “How many books are missing?” He asked. “got another” Informed Taylor.

The group was weak. Without their potions they were no match for us.  Ansatsu looked around and noticed Natashe watching the fray with a smirk on her face.

Ansatsu: Is that all you got?

Natasha looked at us and noticed DRAKO. She grinned and shouted to him. “come entertain me”

Daniel Ravens overheard Nat and replied “stop this foolishness!”

Natasha looked toward where she heard Daniels voice. “Oh Daniel! I didn’t see you there.”

“Don’t Oh daniel me with that sweet voice” He retorted.

DRAKO and Ansatsu were still experiencing battle lust. “Till the death? Can we kill her Daniel??? Can we????”

Natasha shook her head: “pfft! It’s the only voice I have dear” then looked at the others. “Kill kill kill – that all the mind you have? There’s more to life than killing”

“What is it you want?” Asked Moxxi

With a twinkle in her eye she stared at us and matter of factly said “Give me your books you rats.”

Mad Dawg would have none of this “I propose we shackle her in one of those wooden devices! Display her for the city of Trinsic!”

Natasha *grined evilly* ”It’s called power!” then a thoughtful expression crossed over her face.  ”Or come with me. I can offer you the same deal I offered *points to The Master Alchemist Impostors remains* That!” *grins*

Mad Dawg was not going to take any of this nonsense: “And why aren’t we giving her a dirtnap about now? Come on!”

“It is over Natasha. We have the books and we are returning them to Algenon.” There was hesitation in Daniels tone.

“Join me Daniel!” She seemed to be flirting “This is our time. Look around you!” She as speaking excitedly.

Queen Mum piped in ”Never! not a chance”

Natasha *waved arm* “this pass is not safe. where are the guards that once watched? Goods are not getting through. Bunch of amateur thieves out witting the royal guard. And your precious Algenon SO frail! Come on We can be great together.”

Daniel Ravens nose flaired. He was losing his temper. “He is old.”

“The charm failed! Have you ever known the charm to fail before? Natasha *balanced her dagger on her finger then it vanished* The talisman where do you think it is?”

“NO! What have you done this time?”

“After you banished the shadow Dweller, I went back to our guild place. It was a mess. I was not the first one there. I was only interested in the talisman though, so I snatched it up and left.”

Rei was at the ready. One word from Daniel was all it would have taken “let me slice her throat!”

Daniel Ravens motioned to Rei to stay and spoke “Only the shadow dweller knew how to use that. You can’t.”

She grinned, “He is not the only one. He just never let me near it.”

Rei, getting angrier blasted her, “you are a filthy beast Natasha!”

“Well why do you think I was banned? Not for my good looks! Oh No, He liked my good looks. I was banned because I was smarter than he was. I have spent the last two years studying this charm. I can use it and undo it. I used the old man to test it. He should have taken me as his student like he did you. I was worthy! You weren’t!”

Daniel Ravens *frowned* “Natasha, I did not know you were into potions?”

Natasha replied “oh like you are? *shakes head* I am not and you know it. I am into charms and Talisman. *eyes sparkle* Give me back to books or I will be forced to use the new Talisman I have created again. The books! Give them to me now!!”

Rei spoke up “The books are going to Algenon.”

Daniel motioned “Come with me my students.” But some had listened too closely to Natasha. I overheard Arch-Demon Baal say “lets join her and kill Daniel”.

Natasha *laughed* “one of your own people gave me one of the books. Watch your back Daniel.”

You know I am there! You still have a chance to join me.” *glare* “we can conquer this realm and take it all! There is no one to contest it.”

Rei: kill her! kill her!

Ansatsu: Lets kill em all and let god sort them out

Daniel Ravens: *waves arm* “These people they will fight for this realm. Now we must return the books to Algenon”

We started back across the now blood stained snowy field toward the little pond near Covetous. We found the potion Sarah had hid for us and then swam the underwater channel to Algenon’s Grotto.

He was standing near his desk looking weaker than I had ever seen him.

Mad Dawg also noticed “Algenon has got to have diabetes by now, I don’t think I have ever seen him leave this cave”

Algenon: So many of you….

Daniel and Algenon were talking with each other

Daniel Ravens: ALGENON!

Algenon: Here Daniel, I’m here

When Daniel finally saw Algenon he laughed “Oh! You hide well under that chair. Sleuths, *he motioned to us* look! with practice you too can hide under a chair.”

Algenon *smiled gently*

Daniel then started to talk excitedly, “Algenon we have your books.”

Looking out from under the chair Algenon whispered “too tired to get on the chair” then hearing what Daniel had said jumped up. “Oh thank you! My cook book! Lets see that one. Yes yes! *hugs book* any more? My Analogy! I wrote it you know!”

Then Algenon, looking a bit crazy started to *dance* ” Now Daniel, you must keep these safe. Guard them with your life.” His voice was very frail and he was panting. “Until one day an alchemist who can read them is trained. Watch Sarah and Emily, might be one of them.  Now go to Luludja and let her mourn. She will need you. You know she will also help you. You must keep Natasha far from you. She is a bad one. She will kill you if she gets the opportunity. *coughs and gasps* Being old is not healthy *gasps and eyes pop bigger*”

Daniel Ravens let out a cry louder than I had ever heard him speak before. “NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

We looked and where Algenon had stood there was a pile of ashes on the floor. The man was gone. Daniel was trembling. He grabbed a cauldron and swept the ashes into it. A small tear ran down face but it is hardly noticeable.

Rei was confused “WHAT HAPPENED????”

Arch-Demon Baal whispered to Rei “Algenon, he poofed”

“He needs to be someplace very special. I must make arrangements with Lulu. We will start looking for her soon. Not tonight. I want some time alone here. Algenon was over 800 years old but he was a good  *pause* well not bad – well he had a real soft spot for children especially those who were being hurt or used. That is why Lulu and I got taken care of.”

Rei: *wipes away tear*

Daniel continued “Natasha has something that belonged to the shadow dweller. It is very dangerous. It might be what the Gargoyle Kettling needs but if what she said is true then It could kill me. Algenon has warned me not to get too close to her.”

Ansatsu agreed “Shes EVIL”

“I am going to make arrangements for Algenon’s ashes to be moved to a cemetery. It is customary for our guild to let them rest at least a week before a burial. I will call you. I will arrange for a private service.”

Ansatsu was very concerned “Thank you Daniel. I will be there to pay respects.”

“He was happy for the last few moments of his life. I never saw him so happy as when we gave him those books”

As I was leaving I saw Daniel put his head on the desk and cry softly.

~Shadow Riter

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