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Professions: The Tamer, by Mordanna of Pacific
Skill Details
  • Veterinary works on all tamable creatures.
  • The complementary skill for Veterinary is
    Animal Lore, like Anatomy for Healing.
  • The amount of hitpoints healed is not a
    percentage but a range determined by your
    skill levels of the Veterinary Skill and
    Animal Lore. The formula is the same for
    Veterinary/Animal Lore and Healing/Anatomy.
  • The delay for healing a pet with the Veterinary skill is 2 seconds,
    regardless of a player’s dexterity.
  • You need a minimum of
    • 60.0 skill points in Animal Lore and
      Veterinary to be able to cure poison
    • 80.0 skill points in Animal Lore and
      Veterinary to be able to resurrect a
      bonded pet.
  • Veterinary will always cure the poison first.
    In order to heal damage you have to apply
    another bandage. You can not heal a pet before
    it is cured.
Optimizing your gains

While the Veterinary skill itself is difficulty based,
skill gain is not – you don’t have to heal increasing
amounts of damage or cure poison as your skill goes up
in order to keep gaining. Attempt to apply as many
bandages as possible, regardless of the amount of
damage. Just avoid applying bandages to nearly
undamaged pets, the message “you heal what little
damage your patient had” tells you that it was not
enough to get a chance at a gain.

Amount of Hitpoints Healed

Primarily, the amount of hitpoints healed is
determined by your skilllevels in Veterinary and
Animal lore, but you also get a small bonus which is
derived from the total number of hitpoints of the pet
you are attempting to heal. The formula to determine
the amount of hitpoints healed is:

Min_Healed=(lore / 5) + (vet / 5) + 3

Max_Healed=(lore / 5) + (vet / 2) + 10

Amount Healed=random (Min_Healed, Max_Healed) + (pet’s
max HP / 100)

For more in-depth information consult the

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Last modified: February 11, 2013

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