Finding Maps

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Finding Maps
By Petra Fyde February 2011

How I’m finding maps on a character with no mining skill.

Step 1 take a screen print of the map and scale it to 400%. This can be done in any graphics program or MSPaint

Step 2 travel to the general area on the map (my char has hiding/stealth) then
overlay Automap, zoomed to match, over the screenprint, matching coastlines, roads, forest edges etc

Step 3 Double click Automap so that it no longer stays on top, being very careful not to move it.

alt/tab to the zoomed map. Carefully position the cursor over the spot where you believe the map to be in relation to the now visible pin, click. (note: the chest is not at the point of the pin, but slightly to the side and up. See second image.

Being careful not to move the cursor use alt/tab to return to automap. Right click and choose ‘drop or pick up marker’.

Double click to restore the ‘stay on top’ mode

Make your way to the marker and dig up your map. The picture below shows the accuracy of the method.

Last modified: October 22, 2011

3 Comments to “Finding Maps”

  1. You may find a solution to your problem in this thread on our forums:

  2. This would be great, if UOAM would work. I only get a black screen with UOAM, and have been told that you cannot fix it if you downloaded UO after mid 2012. So I’m stuck with UOCartographer, which I also cannot get to work. I cannot get it to track player, and everytime I try to use the center on player option it gives me a black screen. I’ve got a gm cartographer, and think I wasted all that time for nothing. Since there is no usable map program for UO. It seems the developers have decided not to waste their time with this game anymore, after all it has been around for almost 20 years.

    • Way back before UO AM and UO cartographer even started up. The way you would do T-Hunting was to use a sextant to give you coordinates. I really can’t remember all the process, but it was much more difficult than what you have been doing. They had a walkthrough on this website, but it seems like its all been updated to work with UO AM.


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