Treasure Hunter’s Diary

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A Day in the Life of a Couple of Treasure Hunters,
by Elrond the Great; Edited by Xena Dragon

This insight into Treasure Hunting in an earlier time is kept for reference and nostalgia.

Treasure Hunters Diary, day I, day II, day III (by Elrond)

A Day in the Life
of a Couple of Treasure Hunters.

“Laughing all the way to the Bank”

t3-elrond.gif  						(15311 bytes) t3-tatteredmap.gif (22384 bytes)It all began with the treasure map… t3-justin.gif  						(16153 bytes)

A Cyclopean Warrior lay dead on the floor, his body still smoking from the barrage of lighting blasts it suffered prior to uttering its last breath.  Here, in “The Valley” in the New Lands beyond Britannia, Cyclopean Warriors run rampant with giant Titans, wreaking havok towards any human that enter their territory.

Elrond the Great, the Helmsman of Souls of the Knights in Brilliant Blue gazed with curiosity at the hideous body, when he noticed a peculiar piece of parchment caught under the Cyclops’ arm.
“What the heck are all these lines and scribbles?” he asked himself.
Knowing little of the ancient art of Cartography , he turned to a good friend, Justin the Great for help.

Justin the Great,  a Grandmaster in Cartography, Lockpicking and Detecting Hidden, not to mention a masterful knowledge of mining ore, took the map and eyed it curiously.
“Pfff.  That’s easy.  It’s a MAP!  To what, I don’t know.  But there’s a little red pin stuck to it which means that there may be something hidden there.”

t3-tmap.gif (14642  			bytes)


  • Only bring the absolute minimum needed to get you to the map site, to kill the monsters, and then to bring you back home.  The less you bring, the less you risk losing in case you are overwhelmed by the monsters.
  • Your support group should also bring the minimum number of accessories:  1 rune back to a safe place in case of emergency, and about 20 of each reagent per person.
  • IMPORTANT FOOTNOTEAlways leave the treasure map at home or in the bank when travelling to the treasure location.  That way, if you die along the way, you won’t lose your precious map.  Simply mark a rune once you reach the treasure site, recall to get your map, and then recall back.

After more studying, Justin and Elrond determined the map’s precise location.  They believed it to be just south of Britain and west of the bridge across The Iolo River (no one knows exactly the river’s name, but “The Iolo River” sounds kinda cool).   Let’s call it that for this story’s sake.  =)

After packing a few lockpicks and a shovel from the local Tinker, the two men journeyed to the Iolo river. Soon enough Justin was quickly at work, digging and searching for what my be hidden.  It only took a few minutes before Justin noticed something fascinating.

“Look at this!” he cried.  “It’s a chest!”


t3-digging-sm.jpg (23087 bytes)
(click to see larger image)


  1. The pin location will always be EXACTLY where the treasure chest is… TO THE PIXEL.  If you look at the above picture, I overlayed the UO Overhead map with the treasure map, and I stood EXACTLY where the pin was stuck to the paper.
  2. The chest itself, despite what most people believe, will NOT always behind a tree.  I’ve dug up over 20 maps, and one was located in a clearing.  Refer to “The Treasure Hunter” by Cassidy for a great way to “sweep” an area for the treasure chest.
  3. When you arrive at the approximate treasure spot, sweep the area and look for other people.  You don’t want anyone hiding out waiting for you to get the chest open, then come steal your loot while you’re busy with the baddies.
  4. The person digging the treasure should carry 2 things:  the Map and a Pickaxe.  Leave all your other belongings with a friend until after you spawn the first set of monsters.  For the higher level maps, like level 3-5, there’s a good chance you will die upon opening the chest.
  5. Make sure your support group are at a safe distance, and they are HIDDEN.  That way, when the monsters spawn, they will attack one person – the digger. If he’s lucky, he can run off and lead them to a wide-open space where your support can follow and battle it out.


Justin briefly examined the metal chest and carefully checked to see if it was trapped.  With his experience in dungeons, disarming and unlocking even the most challenging chests, he was not easily fooled.Using his DETECT HIDDEN skill, he determined the chest to be trapped with darts poisoned with some of the most deadly venom known in Britannia.”No problem,” Justin muttered, easily disarming the contraption.  In an attempt to pry open the chest, he soon discovered it would not yield even to his great strength.  It was still locked from the inside.

“Like I said, no problem,” Justin said again, this time pulling out a pair of LOCKPICKS from his pack.  After a bit of twiddling, the chest soon yielded to his skill…


t3-yippie-sm.jpg (22095 bytes)
(click to see larger image)

“Yippie!” cried Justin.  He stared into a metal chest filled to the rim with glimmering gems, gold and other magical items!
“Elrond!  You gotta see thi…”
Justin’s gleam was shattered by a hideous laugh, so deep and disturbing he know it could not possibly have been Elrond, or even another human for that matter. “MwahaaHaaHAA!

Justin turned around to face a Lich, face to face, as he laughed and pointed his magical staff towards Justin.  The Lich’s laugh was followed by the battle cry of an Ogre Lord, then by the screeching sounds of two Dread Spiders that appeared seemingly out of the air.
“I’d love to stay and chat,” Justin began, “but I’m getting the HELL OUTTA DODGE!
Justin sprinted to safety, barely escaping the Lich’s flamestrike and the Dread Spiders’ poisonous bites (not to mention their attribute-damaging spells.) Justin soon found solace under a big tree which he hid behind to regain his strength.

Hearing the familiar cries of the beasts, Elrond the Great prepared his reagents, tunes his harp, and rode off towards the sounds of Justin’s cries.
On his way to the scene, he came upon a small pool of water, where he glanced at the reflection of his face.
“In the name of Lord British, I must say. . . I look goood,”  he whispered to himself, just before winking at the  handsome image dancing within the shimmering puddle.  Without further hesitation, he looked up, smiled, and began the incantation.
“Corp Por. .  .   .    .”


t3-elrond-ogre-sm.jpg (20211 bytes) t3-elrond-teehee-sm.jpg (22003 bytes)
t3-elrond-dspider-sm.jpg (28463 bytes)

(click to see larger images)



  1. One important note:  when the monsters appear, THEY APPEAR.  FAST too.  And they begin their attack as though they were standing there for minutes waiting for their chance to kill – in other words, NO hesitation.
    If you know for sure that you have a level 2 map or better, be prepared.  You don’t need to worry too much about level 1 maps, because at worst, a Ratman or two will spawn as you open your chest.
  2. The monsters seem to appear at various times.  I once opened a level 4 map with no spawn until I unlocked the chest.  Another time, the spawn occurred as soon as it was dug up from the ground.
  3. Like I stated before, make sure your support group is a little bit off screen and hidden.  Why?  Because most of these chests are found in the middle of dense forests, with little or no place to run and dance around.
    The best technique would be for one person to trigger the spawn, then run immediately (if you can) to an open space nearby – usually the shore or to a clearing.  If possible, try to get a magical hat or cape of invisibility, which you can put on once you have lead the monsters to the clearing and are far enough from them.  DO NOT TRY TO FIGHT THEM IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FOREST where you can easily get trapped between trees and rocks.  After you kill the first set of monsters (it sounds easy enough, eh?), repeat the process all over.  Regroup everyone, make them hide then take one person back to the chest and start to take items ONE BY ONE. This is very important, because more monsters will spawn.


Below is the order in which the monster spawns appeared for this Level 3 map:

Justin unlocks the chest.
Spawn:  1 Lich, 1 Ogre Lord, 2 Dread Spiders
Elrond returns and removes items from chest.
Spawn:  2 Dread Spiders
Justin returns and removes one item from chest.
Spawn:  1 Ogre Lord
Elrond returns and removes almost all items from chest.
Spawn:  1 Lich, 1 Dread Spider
Elrond returns and removes almost all but 3 items from chest.
Spawn:  1 Fire Elemental.
Justin and Elrond feel another spawn is not worth the 3 scrolls left inside chest, and decide to call it a night.  =)


ALL WORTH ITDespite Justin dying by the poisonous bite of a Dread Spider and the 65 minutes it took to finally clear the area of monsters and treasure, the two friends made it back to Elrond’s little abode to divide the plunder.”Thanks for saving my butt, Elrond.” said Justin, still recovering from the awful poison.

“Hey, no need for thanks, brother.   Besides, that resurrection spell I casted gave me an extra .1 magery!   *chuckle*”


THE TREASUREBelow is a list of what you can expect to get from a Level 3 map. And keep in mind while reading this list that the treasure from Level 4 and Level 5 maps are that much more gratifying. =)
Items below are the combination of the Treasure Chest and loot from the monsters that spawned.

5000+ Gold
22 Scrolls
35 Jewels
46 Reagents

Ring of Night Eyes – 48 ch
Necklace of Protection – 19 ch
Bracelet of Night Eyes – 38 ch
Wooden Shield of Strengh & Defense 19 ch
Suubstantial Wooden Shield of Defense
Durable Buckler of Hardening
Wand of Feeblemindedness 6 ch
Wand of Fireballs 3 ch
Wand of Great Healing 9 ch
Substantial, Surpassingly Accurate Bow of Ruin
Ringmail Sleeves of Defense
Indestructable Leather Gloves of Defense
Accurate Club of Ruin
Substantial Accurate Quarter Staff
Dagger of Might
Durable Helmet of Fortification
Durable, Accurate Cleaver
Cloak of Night Eyes 70 ch
Fortified Axe
Substantial, Accurate Long Sword
Feathered Hat of Night Eyes
Body Sash of Agility


AN END TO A MEMORABLE EVENINGThe two friends continued to count all their loot, giving each other what he needed the most.  Justin, warmed by the heat emanating from the fireplace, couldn’t help but grin at the memory.”You know, just before I fell to that Dread Spider, I saw you behind him muttering the words for a Summon Creature spell.  What did you do that for?” asked Justin.

“Well, I was low on mana and only had enough for a level 5 spell.  I wanted to cast a Blade Spirit but the Dread Spiders just dispel them.  So I decided to cast summon creature to keep the Spider busy with a possible grizzly or alligator while my mana and wounds regenerated.”

“Ahh… good idea.  So what animal did you end up summoning?” asked Justin.

Elrond cleared his throat, placed his hand over his heart and gazed towards the heavens as he answered the question with a proud, booming voice…

“A bunny.”

With that, they laughed the night away, so much that the chuckles and jokes continued until morning.  When the sun rose, their blissful moods endured as they packed up their goods, mounted their horses and laughed all the way to the Britain bank.  =)


t3-counting-sm.jpg (28656 bytes)



Author’s Note

Justin and Elrond are professionals at what they do.   Long hours and months of preparation allows them to tackle Ogre Lords and Liches together, without the need of others (at least not for level 3 maps).  😉

Please, do not follow their example.  When treasure hunting, hunt in large groups, because it really is harder than it appears.   Remember, you are only going to gain some gold and magical items – and that is a small prize to be won when the hunt can be made into a fun even with lots of friends.

So when treasure hunting, invite all your friends, remember all the useful tips we have provided – and most of all, HAVE A BLAST!

A Day in the Life of a Couple of Treasure Hunters, by Elrond the Great; Edited by Xena Dragon

A Day in the Life
of a Couple of Treasure Hunters.


“Buccaneer Bonzai”

Asquith Feare …Asquith Feare ignited the Ophidian Avenger and transformed its scaly body into a heaping mound of ash, just before it uttered its final words in a horrid, hissing voice. “No, me die not!””Yes, you die so!”   mocked Asquith, rubbing his singed fingertips along the coolness of his silky mage’s robe.Elrond the Great approached the dead snake, impressed by what fate long time friend Asquith had bestowed upon it.

“Nice going, brother,” Elrond praised.  “Although you can’t be too proud of blasting this thing while you were safe on that hill where he can’t touch you.”  *chuckle*

“Oh yeah, big boy?  YOU try and melee one of these things some time!  We’ll see if you last more than 10 seconds,” argued Asquith, knowing Elrond’s words were all in good fun.

“Hey look at this!” cried Elrond as he stood above the burnt remains.  “Another one of those maps!”

coffin.gif (12547  						bytes)

The two friends celebrated by dancing up and down like a couple of court jesters.

“Time to pay Justin the Great a little visit,” Asquith began.  Elrond then conjured up a brilliant blue gate, and when they walked through, they magically appeared at Justin’s doorstep.

Elrond the  						Great

  • Before going on the hunt, round up as many friends as you can.  With treasure hunting becoming more popular, common treasure sites are beginning to be frequented by other adventurers – as well as pk’s looking for the easy loot.  Remember:  there is strength in numbers.
  • When tackling the higher level maps, it’s a good idea to bring along a bard for obvious reasons.  If none is available to you right away, a couple of good mages is a must.  Most of the monsters that spawn are non-meleeable, and you’re going to need a mage or two to heal and cure the party.
  • UO Auto Map is an EXCELLENT tool for treasure hunting.  You can also “un-tilt” the overhead map so you can compare the overhead with the treasure map more accurately.  (You may download UO Auto Map directly from

Justin the  						Great

Justin greeted his two friends with a bear hug and a pair of mugs full of ale.  The three men met on a dungeon hunt to Shame over a year ago, and to this day look for each other’s company whenever there is need for a little fun.

“Excuse the mess, but I’ve been trying to get these chairs to face the right way all morning!” Justin began as he tried frantically to make room in his messy cottage.

“Well guess what Justin,” Asquith said as he started to pull a piece of parchment rom under his robe.

Justin’s eyes exploded into big balls of fire as he recognized instantly the tattered parchment and strange symbols written within.

“A TREASURE MAP!” he cried, immediately scrambling into his pouches for his cartography tools.  Somewhere in the mess, Asquith and Elrond noticed a pickaxe fly through the air, some lockpicks, a sextant and a couple of blank pieces of parchment paper.

“Ummm… you think he’s excited?” whispered Asquith.  Elrond laughed as he began to organize his reagents, anxious to see what the night would have in store.


  • Remember, treasure hunting is a “group activity,” so don’t be greedy and attempt to tackle the treasure map yourself.  Besides, most people won’t want to take part in the loot – it’s a fun event that most just want to be a part of.  So when you find a map, set up a time to gather together with your friends and take the adventure together.
  • Most treasure chests are on distant islands, where a ship is necessary.  If you nor anyone in your party do not own a ship, pool gold with your friends and buy a ship together.  You can then make that the “treasure hunting” ship, that can easily paid off with even two 1st level maps.
Elise Using a magical device known as “Eye See Kyoo,”  the three friends were able to contact others to come join the adventure.  Katzen, Grandmaster Swordswoman was excited to be in her first treasure hunter, as was Asquith’s wife-to-be Elise Laurense, a Grandmaster in the arcane arts.Katzen and Elise arrived at Justin’s cottage together, and were greeted with hugs and smiles.  The celebration, however, was stopped short just as Justin completed decoding the map.”Well guys, I have good news… and I have bad news.”  Justin said as he eyed the treasure map.  “The good news is, I know where the treasure is hidden.  And the bad news… is just that.”

“Huh?” asked a confused Katzen.

“The treasure map, is on an island.  A distant island.”

“Cool!” said Asquith.  “I’ve got a ship we can all take.   It’ll be fun!”

“Umm, no,” said a grim Justin.  “It’s not just any island.  It’s an island that we all know and love… the island of BUCCANEER’S DEN.

bucs-map_sm.gif  						(5506 bytes)


  • If the treasure spot is near a place that you know is relatively a busy area, (like near a city or frequently traveled road like the Crossroads), send one person there to scout the area.  With treasure hunts going on every day now, many people are beginning to know where all the treasure hotspots are, and sometimes pk’s visit these areas in hopes of the quick and easy loot.
  • LEAVE THE MAP AT THE BANK.  Do this always when travelling to the treasure area, even if travelling with your group.   You never know what might happen, and “accidentally” losing a treasure map to a PK or monster can be very disheartening, especially since maps are so hard to find.  Once you arrive at the treasure spot and have scouted the area for other people, mark a rune, recall to the bank to pick up the map, then recall back to start the search.
The “party of friends” eventually got their necessary belongings together and sailed towards Buccaneer’s Den.  The occasional dolphin sighting kept their spirits alive, as Elrond stroked his harp and sang tales of his great grandfather Iolo.It took only two sunsets before the shores of the island were in clear site.  As they approached the docks, Buccaneer’s Den seemed to be empty except for the few townsfolk that call the island home.  Asquith lead the way on a dirt trail that lead south of the city, when suddenly the party was greeted by an unwelcome guest.Attack!

The Scoundrel   Sgt. G, Grandmaster Pickpocket” was his name, and digging through people’s pouches looking for something to steal was his game.  Elise and Asquith made no hesitation in firing off a few warning fireballs at the thief.  His petty attempt at resistance was spoiled when Elrond, Katzen and Justin appeared from behind the trees.   Realizing that avoiding a 5-on-1 confrontation might be the most brilliant idea of his life, he galloped away towards the docks of Buccaneer’s Den.

Sgt G

“Do you think he’ll be back?” asked Elise.

“Oh, he’ll be back alright,” began Asquith.  “But not without a few of his cronies.  We better find this treasure fast.  This is no place to be wandering about.”

No sooner than Asquith spoke his warning, Justin was off poking his shovel into the ground.

Map  						Comparison
(click to see larger images)


  • Contrary to many beliefs, the treasure chest is not always “exactly” where the pin meets the map.   In the above example, the treasure chest was nearly 1 and a half screens away to the east.  In cases like these, it is best to use the “Treasure Sweep” method of searching for the chest.
THE TREASURE SWEEP In order to find the chest successfully within the least amount of time, Justin the Great uses a very handy method of scanning an area for chests called the “Treasure Sweep.”
(see diagram below)

The  						Treasure Sweep

It took some time before Justin noticed something beneath his feet.  Giving the ground a hard jab, he felt the metal of tip of the shovel meet the iron of a buried chest.”This is it guys, so get ready,” Justin warned.  “We all know what happened before once I dug up a chest like this.”Justin’s words drove chills down Katzen’s spine, and she hid behind Elrond awaiting  anxiously and worriedly for what was to come.  The rest of the party took their positions behind trees and bush, sitting silently as Justin dug carefully into the dirt.

“Don’t worry Katz.   Elrond is here.”  *wink*  “You think I’d let anything happen to yo…”

Elrond’s words were cut short as he lunged for the fainting Katzen.  He turned around and saw  what made her go cold, and nearly fainted himself!


  1. Make sure the digger clears his pack of important items before completing the dig.  You can do this by running away as soon as he begins to successfully dig the chest (you know you have found the treasure when you hear the repeating digging sound and see the chest slowly break through the ground). This will stop the digging process and allow you to hand over your bag of reagents and GM Platemail to a friend.  Why?  Because more than likely, you will die once you dig up that chest.
  2. It’s a good idea to pre-plan an escape route from the spot where the chest is being dug up.  You can do this by first finding the chest.  Like in #1, do not dig it up all the way – wait until it is about half way out of the ground and then stop the digging process by walking a few steps away.
    Next, stand by the chest, and run in a straight line in any direction.  Once you find a path you can run in which you don’t get stuck running into trees and rocks, walk back to the chest, dig it up completely, and run like an ostard along that path when the monsters spawn.  If you’re lucky, the monsters will chase you, you will be safe off screen, and your companions can prepare their attack.

Elrond turned around to see two Fire Elementals collapse on Justin the Great like flies on Ettin dung.   Before he could even attempt a spell to heal Justin, Elrond noticed the six glowing red eyes of a Dread Spider heading his direction.  Picking up the still unconscious Katzen, Elrond dashed through the woods as the Dread Spider cast a spell that immediately made his legs feel like jelly.  Elrond stumbled to the ground, then turned to face the poisonous fangs of the monster looming above him.

Suddenly, a voiced boomed from behind the Dread Spider.  “An Ex Por!” chanted Asquith as he paralyzed to Spider just as it prepared to dig its tusks into Elrond’s chest.

“Your timing is impeccable, brother,” said a grinning Elrond, as he stood to face the crippled Spider.  He then gave it a friendly pat on its head as he said softly, “Nice knowing you, beast.  But it’s time for you to meet your maker.”

Asquith and Elrond chuckled as they both chanted words of power that would send the wretched critter to the Abyss.

“Umm, guys?” stated a lovely voice as Elise approached the two comedians. “Tell you what.  I’ll stay here and take care of Katzen, while the two of you go over there and put Justin’s body parts back together.”

Completely forgetting about their fallen friend, the two looked through the trees to find two Fire Elementals preparing a feast on Justin’s fried body.

“Oh man, Justin’s gonna kill us!” cried a guilty Asquith, as he turned to see the ghostly figure of Justin approach him.

That's  						gotta hurt.

“OooO-oOoohh!” whispered Justin, whose words seemed to blow from the surrounding shadows.

Knowing Elrond once studied the ancient art of Spirit Speaking, Asquith asked him what he was trying to say.

“He says you were supposed to watch his back,” said Elrond, glaring at Asquith.

Asquith turned to Justin’s ghost and managed a smile as a drop of sweat fell from his forehead.  “Umm… hehe.  Hi there.”

“But he says he’ll forgive you if you give him that katana of Vanquishing you have stashed in your house,” said Elrond.

The companions looked at the ghost and noticed its lips curl up into a devious smile.  The forest then roared in laughter as the ghostly Justin performed a victory dance, happy that at last he would get Asquith’s coveted sword!

“I think I’m going to be sick,” cried a greening Asquith.

MONSTER MASHBelow is the order in which the monster spawns appeared for this Level 3 map:

Spawn:  1 Lich, 1 Dread Spider, 2 Fire Elementals
Spawn:  2 Fire Elementals, 1 Lich
Spawn:  1 Lich
Spawn:  1 Dread Spider
Spawn:  1 Dread Spider.

It took a good half a day of running to the chest, running away from the baddies, and Justin constantly getting pounded before the party ended.  They cleared the chest of treasure and Elrond threw a gate open to Asquith’s tower where they would then divide the plunder.   Off in the distance, they heard footsteps and angry voices heading their direction. They figured it must be Sgt. G and company, so the party rushed off into the gate, and into safety.

Back home the friends celebrated with cake, a messy platter of ribs and Britain’s finest ale as they identified the loot and gave each person their share of gold, gems and other goodies.

As they have in past events such as these, they surrendered the evening to be that of legend.  When they gaze up at Britannia’s wonderful night sky, there embedded in the stars they will find memories such as the one they made this evening.  Memories of laughter, adventure and good fun among the ones they love.

It is adventures like these that make Britannia a beautiful place to live in.

auction_sm.jpg  						(12115 bytes)



Please see the Author’s Note at the end of day I

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