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updated March 2010
The Tracking skill is used to track other players and NPCs over longer distances than you can see on your screen, this includes players who are hidden.
To use the skill: 

  • Click the blue gem on the skill list, or set an ingame macro use skill – tracking
  • Select Animals, Monsters, NPCs or Players from the category list.
  • Select your tracking choice from the specific list

A small arrow will indicate the direction your quarry has gone. Should your target get too far ahead of you or, in the case of a player, recall away, the arrow will disappear and you will see a message stating that you lost your target.

Your ability to track another player is determined by your Tracking and Detect Hidden skills and your target’s Hiding and Stealth skills. The exact formula looks like this:

% Chance of tracking = (Tracking + Detect Hidden + Random 1-20) / (Hiding + Stealth) * 50

So a player with GM Tracking and Stealth would have approximately a 50% chance of tracking a player with GM Hiding and Stealth.

Players with no Hiding or Stealth can always be tracked with 100% chance, however all human characters have Jack of all Trades of 20 hiding and stealth and elven characters have a racial resistance making them harder to track.

To track for players using monster forms such as wraith form, horrific beast, lich form, vampiric embrace (necromancy) or the monster forms from the polymorph spell (magery) select the ‘monsters’ option of the menu.
To track for players using animal forms such as llama form, wolf form etc (ninjitsu) or the animal forms from the polymorph spell (magery) select the ‘animals’ option of the menu.
Ghosts cannot be tracked.


Last modified: March 30, 2011

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