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Due to the recent cataclysms that have plagued the Gargoyle’s homeland, the Gargoyles must conserve their resources and adapt to their current environment. Just as the Gargoyles have mastered their own form of the arcane arts with Mysticism, they have also mastered their own ranged combat style in the form of Throwing.

The Throwing skill will add a ranged skill equivalent to Archery, but with weapons that have their own flavor. Throwing will work similarly to Archery; however Throwing weapons will not consume ammunition, as they automatically return to the thrower.

There are three throwing weapons:

  • Boomerang
  • Cyclone
  • Soul Glaive

Those skilled in Throwing are known as Bladeweavers.

·         Weapons have a base range that is increased according to the player’s strength

o   Boomerang: 4 min, 7 max

o   Cyclone: 6 min, 9 max

o   Soul Glaive: 8 min, 11 max

·         Distance from target affects the damage and accuracy of the thrown weapon – there is a sweet spot of range and power that deals more effective damage

o   This is calculated as Hit Chance penalties and Damage Reduction

·         Close Quarters Combat: Being too close to a target would normally cause ineffective throws. However, a player’s dexterity and throwing skill equal to Grandmaster or higher can compensate for the hit chance penalty.

  • Underthrown – If, while equipped, a weapon has a maximum range of six tiles, and a player throws at a player two tiles away (too close) they have a Hit Chance penalty of 12%, but no damage reduction.
  • Perfect – Maximum range of six tiles, thrown a distance of four tiles. No Hit Chance penalty, no damage reduction
  • Overthrown – Maximum range of six tiles, thrown a distance of six tiles. No Hit Chance penalty, but 47% damage reduction

·         Shield Penalties: All throwing weapons are one-handed, and thus Gargoyles can equip shields.

o   Causes Hit Chance and Defense Reduction penalties while holding a shield. This penalty is reduced by your skill in parrying.  Player’s with no skill points in the Parry Skill will have a minimum chance to hit.


Example Throwing Templates
Taken from posts on UO Warrior Forum
120 Throwing
120 Tactics
120 Bushido
120 Anatomy
100 Healing
70 Chivalry
40 Necro
30 SS (60)
119 Str
124 Dex
12 Int
(Lord god(god)
Throwing Whammy)
120 throwing
120 tactics
120 anatomy
90 healing
120 resist
90 ninja
60 med
120 Throwing
120 Music
120 Disco
100 Anatomy
100 Tactics
80 Chivalry
40 Spirit speak
40 Necromancy
(Pirate Roberts)
Throwing 120
Tactics 120
Music 120
Discord 120
100 bushido
70 chiv
70 med.
120 – Mysticism
120 – Focus
120 – Throwing
100 – Tactics
100 – Mage
110 – Anatomy
65 – Chivalry


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Last Edit: January 2010.

Last modified: May 26, 2014

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