Cooking Essay

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The Art of Cooking
By Lady Aalia, August 2009
Magical Fish Pies |Special Recipes

So you wish to tackle culinary arts?

Very well…

All you have to do in order to gain cooking is cook. Cook, cook and cook until you never want to cook again.

You can buy cooking skill from Bakers, Cooks and Herbalists.

Before you start training make sure your character has everything you need on him. For many of the preparations you must me near a heating source like:

  • Oven
  • Forge
  • Campfire
  • Heating stand
  • Fireplace
You will need a tool:

  • The rolling pin
  • The flour sifter
  • The skillet

Many of the ingredients needed to cook you can buy from:

  • Cooks sell the all-important cooking tools (flour sifters, skillets and rolling pins) as well as bread, pies, cakes, muffins, cheese, cooked birds, legs of lamb, chicken legs, misc. vegetables in bowls, soup, stew, roast pigs, sacks of flour, and honey.
  • Bakers sell bread, pies, cakes, muffins, French bread, cookies, pizzas, honey, sacks of flour [20 uses ea], and bowls of flour [1 use ea].
  • Beekeepers sell honey
  • Butchers sell bacon, bacon slabs (sometimes), ham, sausage, raw chicken legs, raw birds, raw legs of lamb, and raw cuts of ribs.
  • Farmers sell pumpkins, eggs, pitchers of milk, apples, pears, peaches, and other misc. fruit/vegetables.
  • Innkeepers sell misc. beverages, glass pitchers, bread, cheese, cooked birds, legs of lamb, chicken legs, cuts of ribs, misc. vegetables in bowls, soup, stew, pies, apples, pears, and other misc. fruit/vegetables.
  • Provisioner sells bread, legs of lamb, chicken legs, cooked birds, misc. beverages, apples, and pears.
  • Ranchers sell apples, pears, peaches, pumpkins, eggs, and other misc. fruit/vegetables.
  • Tavern keepers sell misc. beverages, glass pitchers, bread, cheese, cooked birds, legs of lamb, misc. vegetables in bowls, soup, and pies.
  • Waiters/Waitresses sell misc. beverages, glass pitchers, bread, cheese, cooked birds, legs of lamb, misc. vegetables in bowls, soup, stew, and pies.

Others you can gather on your own:

  • Sack of Flour: Using wheat, and a cooking toolTo do this, you will need wheat, obtained from a farmer’s field (eg. those outside Britain & Skara Brae). Place the wheat, and a cooking tool in your pack, and while standing next to a flour mill (either one placed as a house add on deed made by a player carpenter or one in public NPC bakery), double click the cooking tool, and use the Ingredients, sack of flour option in the menu.Grinding wheat interactively with the flour millTo produce flour by this method, you must have at least 4 sheaves of wheat in your pack. Stand next to a flour mill. Double click the wheat in your pack, and then click on the “hopper” of the mill to add it. It loads 2 sheaves at a time. It requires 2 loadings (i.e. a total of 4 sheaves) to make a sack of flour. After you have loaded 4 sheaves of wheat, double click the crank wheel portion of the flour mill. It will spin around a few times, and a sack of flour will drop out of the chute. (If you have not added enough wheat, it will give you a message asking for more).
  • Vegetables:You can gather vegetables like turnips, lettuce, cabbage, carrots and onions on Britannia’s farmer fields (Cove, Skara Brae)
  • Vegetables, Meats & Fruits: You can steal a lot of cooking ingredients from crates in provisioner and farmer shops if you have stealing on a character.
  • Fruit: Apples and Peaches can be gathered off the heritage token trees
  • Meat:Most of the animals in UO will drop uncooked meat when killed and skinned
    • Sheep: leg of lamb
    • Cow: cut of raw ribs
    • Chicken: raw bird
    • Hind: cut of raw ribs
    • Boar: cut of raw ribs
    • Fish: raw fish steak
  • Milk:Double click an empty pitcher and then a cow
  • Honey: the Spring Cleaning reward Beehive will give you 1 honeypot a day
  • Water: Water pitchers can be filled from the sea (at certain locations, i.e. off a bridge), water barrels, water troughs and pools of blood (yuck!).
  • Chocolate Ingredients: Originally from paragon Monsters in Ilshenar the ingredients can now be obtained from plants, Cocoa can be grown from Cocoa trees, Sugar from Sugar Cane and Vanilla from Vanilla plants. Seeds to grow these plants can be found on various monsters, listed here


Combine With Create
Wheat Mill Sack of flour
Water Flour Dough
Dough Honey Sweet dough
Sweet dough Flour Cake mix
Sweet dough Honey Cookie mix
Flour raw fish Raw Fish (8) Fish Oil Flask
Flour water+ Water & empty bottle Wheat Wort


Combine With Create
Dough Egg Uncooked quiche
Dough Raw meat Unbaked meat pie
Dough Sausage Uncooked sausage pizza
Dough Cheese Uncooked cheese pizza
Dough Pear pie Unbaked fruit pie
Dough Peaches Unbaked peach cobbler
Dough Apple Unbaked apple pie
Dough Pumpkin Unbaked pumpkin pie
water Water green tea (raw) Green tea Green tea
water Water bowl of peas Bowls of peas (3) wasabi clumps Wasabi clumps
water Water raw fish Raw Fish (10) Sushi Rolls Sushi rolls
water Water raw fish Raw Fish (10) Sushi Platter Sushi platter
Heat Source board Board Charcoal Charcoal
Please Note: Green tea requires the proximity of an oven, the only ‘preparation’ other than charcoal to need a heat source


Combine With Create
Dough Bread loaf
Heat Source Cookie mix Pan of cookies
Cake mix Cake
Sweet dough Muffins
Heat Source Uncooked quiche Baked quiche
Unbaked meat pie Baked meat pie
Uncooked sausage pizza Sausage pizza
Heat Source Uncooked cheese pizza Cheese pizza
Unbaked fruit pie Baked fruit pie
Unbaked peach cobbler Baked peach cobbler
Heat Source Unbaked apple pie Baked apple pie
Unbaked pumpkin pie Baked pumpkin pie
Heat Source Water Raw Fish Miso Soup
Water Raw Fish White Miso Soup
Water Raw Fish Red Miso Soup
Water Raw Fish Awase Miso Soup


Combine With Create
Raw Bird Heat Source Cooked Bird
Raw Chicken Leg Heat Source Chicken Leg
Raw fish steak Heat source Fish steak
Eggs Heat Source Fried Eggs
Raw Leg of Lamb Heat Source Leg of Lamb
Raw ribs Heat source Cut of ribs


Cooking raw fish steaks and Meat are a good way to level up since you can cook an entire stack at a time and collect multiple gains while doing so.Another good way to gain in skill is making bread. It will take you from 0 to Gm without having to go out and hunt for ingredients.There are 4 different types of cooking that have different requirements for cooking:

  • Ingredients – Can be done anywhere, does not require the presence of a heat source
  • Preparations – Can be done anywhere, does not require the presence of a heat source
  • Baking – Requires the presence of an oven
  • Barbecue – Requires the presence of any heat source on the floor.
The cooking skill is quite useful with the ability to make enchanted foods, smoke bombs and tribal paint plus you can make a bit of extra money selling the food you cook on a vendor. Plus, eating food, particularly filling foods like ribs will recover a portion of lost stamina, much like a refresh potion. Being full also allows stamina and life to recover at a faster rate on its own.Once you have become a GM Chef you can put your makers mark on any of your dishes you create.Experienced chefs are able to create “enchanted” foods that have various potent effects. Some other foods may have unusual effects, such as alcoholic beverages. Also, remember what your mother told you – don’t eat too many sweets, or you’ll ruin your teeth!

Special Foods:

  • Tribal paint has gotten a lot of success due to Baracoon the Piper, the Champion boss of the Vermin spawn. Wearing tribal paint prevents your character from being turned into a rat so it is perfectly understandable why champion hunters would want to be wearing some. Since the paint wears out upon death, there is a good demand for it.It also keeps savages at bay since they won’t attack you when you wear it, try not to attack them while wearing paint though, it will burn of your skin and cause a good amount of damage to you.
  • Enchanted Foods give you small bonuses:
    • Enchanted apples:Enchanted apples remove curses from your character14 sec timer
    • Grapes of Wrath:When eaten, you’ll receive this message:The grapes of wrath invigorate you for a short time, allowing you to deal extra damage.You get 10% damage increase for 20 seconds. This shows up in your Status Bar under the weapon damage range. It will increase when you eat the grapes and decrease when their effect expires.2 minute timer
    • Fruit Bowls:Fruit bowls give a temporary bonus of about +5% to your character’s stats when eaten, similar to the effects of the Bless spell. This lasts around two minutes.
  • Egg bombs are a must for any real ninja
  • Parrot wafers for the bird fans
  • Then for the romanticist in you, there is the art of Chocolatiering
  • With the Food Decoration Tool you can mark your masterpieces with little messages; works on:
    • Exeptional cakes
    • Exeptional cookies
    • Exeptional pizza
Combine With Create
Flour Tribal Berry Savage Kin Paint
Flour Eggs Smoke Bomb
Sweet dough Fish Parrot Wafer
Dough Honey Food Decoration Tool
Apple Greater Heal Potion Enchanted Apple
Grapes Greater Strength Potion Grapes of Wrath
Banana Pear and Apple Fruit Bowl
Combine Create
Sack of Sugar Cocoa butter Cocoa Liquor Dark Chocolate
Sack of Sugar Cocoa butter Cocoa Liquor Pitcher of Milk Milk Chocolate
Sack of Sugar Cocoa butter Pitcher of Milk Vanilla White Chocolate

Magical Fish Pies:

Combine Create
Heat Source Great Barracuda Steakzoogie fungus Mento Seasoning Doughgreat barracuda steakzoogie fungusMento Seasoning Great Barracuda Pie great barracuda pieEat to increase hit chance: 8
giant koi steakbowl of peasMento Seasoning Doughgiant koi steakbowl of peasMento Seasoning Giant Koi Pie giant koi pieEat to increase Defence Chance: 8
fire fish steakcarrotsamuel's secret sauce DoughFire Fish SteakcarrotsSamuel’s Secret Sauce fire fish pieEat to soak fire damage: 5
raw fishcabbagesamuel's secret sauce Doughstone crab meathead of cabbageSamuel’s Secret Sauce Stone crab pie stone crab pieEat to soak physical damage: 5
blue lobster meatTribal Berry samuel's secret sauce Doughblue lobster meatTribal BerriesSamuel’s Secret Sauce blue lobster pie blue lobster pieEat to soak cold damage:5
Reaper Fish SteaksPumpkin samuel's secret sauce Doughreaper fish steakPumpkinSamuel’s Secret Sauce reaper fish pieEat to soak poison damage: 5
crystal fish steaksapplesamuel's secret sauce Doughcrystal fish steakApplesSamuel’s Secret Sauce Crystal Fish Pie crystal fish pieEat to soak energy damage: 5
bullfish steakSquash Mento Seasoning Doughbull fish steaksquashMento Seasoning Bull Fish Pie bull fish pieEat to increase melee damage: 5
summer dragonfish steakonionMento Seasoning Doughsummer dragonfish steakonionsMento Seasoning Summer Dragonfish Pie summer dragonfish pieEat to increase spell damage: 5
fairy salmon steakear of corn dark truffle Doughfairy salmon steakear of corndark truffle fairy salmon pie fairy salmon pieEat to increase casting focus: 2
lava fish steakcheese dark truffle Doughlava fish steakcheesedark truffle lava fish pieEat to increase Soulcharge ability: 5
autumn dragonfish steakPear Mento Seasoning Doughautumn dragonfish steakPearsMento Seasoning autumn dragonfish pie autumn dragonfish pieEat to increase meditation skill: 10
raw fishLettuceMento Seasoning Doughspider crab meat1 head of lettuce1 Mento Seasoning spider crab pieEat to increase focus skill: 10
Yellowtail Barracuda Steakswine bottle Mento Seasoning Doughyellowtail barracuda steakbottle of wineMento Seasoning yellowtail barracuda pieEat to increase Hp regeneration: 3
holy mackeral steaksHoney Mento Seasoning Doughholy mackeral steakhoneyMento Seasoning holy mackeral pieEat to increase mana regeneration: 3
unicorn fish steakfresh gingerMento Seasoning Doughunicorn fish steakFresh GingerMento Seasoning unicorn fish pie unicorn fish pieEat to increase stamina regeneration: 3

Special recipes:

  • Gingerbread Cookie Recipe:
Combine With Create
Cookie mix Fresh Ginger Gingerbread Man
  • Rotworm & Blackrock Stew:
Barbeque With Create
Rotworm Meat recipe_scroll Recipe Quest rotworm_stew Rotworm Stew
rotworm_stew Rotworm Stew recipe_scroll Honey Honey & Recipe Quest blackrock_stew Blackrock Stew
  • Three Tier Cake:
Combine With Create
3 x Cake mix recipe_scroll Recipe
(looted from Fezzik the Ogre Cook)
3-tier_cake Three Tier Cake
(can be dyed with plant dyes)

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