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Skill Recommended training weights by skill
10 1 stone
20 2 stones
30 3 stones
40 4 stones
50 5 stones
60 6 stones
70 7 stones
80 8 stones
90 9 stones
100 10 stones
110 11 stones
120 12 stones
  • In order to steal from other players, you must be a member of the Thieves Guild..
  • To join the Thieves Guild you need to have at least 60 REAL skill in Stealing, have played at least 48 in-game hours on that character, and you must have had that character for a real time week.
  • If you are not a member of the Thieves Guild you *can* steal from NPCs and pack horses/llamas (including those owned by other players).
  • The more non-medable armor you are wearing, the harder it is to steal.
  • You can be noticed by any player or NPC who is within a 15×15 tile box surrounding the VICTIM. So thats within 7 tiles of the victim, square shaped. You can get caught on the diagonal compass points (NW,SW,SE,NE) at almost 10 tiles. See this picture.
  • To see if someone is in the Thieves Guild use the Forensic Evaluation skill on them. The higher your Forensic Evaluation skill, the more chance you have of finding out who’s in the Thieves Guild.
  • Performing beneficial acts upon a thief will flag you ‘criminal’.
  • It is possible to steal weights higher than the recommended trainning weight by skill, chances of success are very low. If Random Stealing (rather than Direct Stealing) is used, then the  thief’s ability to steal high-stoned items successfully is greatly increased.

Last modified: February 11, 2013

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