The Assassin

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Professions: The Assassin
The Roleplayed Assassin, by Edwin Dragon
Before you, an unassuming man of no remark. Average… height, hair, eyes, skin… nothing strikes you as strange about him. He wears a worn robe, a satchel under his arm, resembling the countless others that walk the streets. Whether or not you have seen him before, you cannot remember… that is the type of man he is.

“You have been sent for instruction, no?”

And with your assent, he bids you follow, and leads you through the twisting streets out into the woods beyond, to a sheltered clearing free from prying eyes and curious ears, then he turns to you. The meek demeanor and innocent look has faded from his face, this person is one to remember, sharp eyes full of intelligence, with the smooth flowing agility of an acrobat.

“The life of an assassin is more than the poisoning of blades. We are frowned upon, executed on capture. Murder is a crime, and not one to be taken lightly. Have no doubt, we are murderers. Survival depends on your wit and abilities, if you overstep your limits, doom awaits. And remember, if you remain in memory, you are as good as caught, and capture is death”

Seeing as you have not tried to flee, he continues, though you know that had you tried, a dagger in the back would have been the assurance of your silence.

“An assassin must keep their profession secret. There are several tools you must have to do your job, and acquiring them is a key to your survival. You need poisons, and something to apply them on. I will tell you now, do not buy your poisons, those that do are the first to die. People remember selling them, and when a death occurs, tis the first thought that comes to mind. So you must learn to brew your own, learn the trade of the alchemist. Which poses another problem, gathering supplies for that profession while remaining unknown”

“Mages sell those supplies, but you will only need one type, and in large amounts. This too can be noticed, so go in disguise. A robe, a book, these will mask you as an apprentice mage. Buy some of everything, act relieved when you see the Nightshade, speak of how the rest of the shops were out. Idle chatter makes the mind wander, and you need their mind to wander, your life depends on it”

“But the disguise? Where can you get that? A tailor remembers things too, and a person that needs to change clothes so often is certain to be noticed. Which leads to another study, that of a tailor. This will also provide you with the gold you will need for the rest of your supplies, and another useful guise to aid in your movements”

“To further your training, you must also learn the use of a blade. The actual blade style is to your preference, but you must learn one nonetheless. This will be used often, so learn it well. It will be your defense, and your attack. The poisonous fang of the serpent if you will.”

Absorbing this, you sit watching, and he continues his lecture before you

“This leaves you with several abilities. First, you will know the use of poisons. Never reveal this, that is your secret and yours alone. Use the other abilities to disguise this, your alchemy, tailoring, and weapon abilities. Use these to hide yourself within the public eye. Nobody shall notice yet another warrior, but apply poison in public, or create it, and you shall be seen.”

“As for your contracts, I leave that to you to acquire them, be they for personal reasons, or those of gold, each must find their own. The key to surviving is stealth and skill, silence and speed. Get in undetected, strike swiftly, and retreat. Evacuate the city, for you will be hunted, and capture is the final end”

With that, he throws you a bag. You look inside to see some reagents, a tailoring kit, a mortar, a dagger, and a pittance in gold. When you look up, he’s gone…

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