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Updated April 2009 by Petra Fyde  

Provocation is a difficulty based skill which allows you to instigate fights between creatures of your choice. However, a failed attempt will direct their anger towards you. It is exceptionally useful for ‘crowd control’ in busy areas.
To promote a battle first use the skill ‘provocation’ and select your initial target, a successful attempt will result in a prompt to choose the second creature for your intended fight.


Barding Difficulty

Each creature has a dynamically computed difficulty score based on its attributes, skills, and special abilities. which will fall within +/- 2% of the average for the creature type. The base difficulty in provoking two creatures to fight is the average difficulty of the two creatures.

Damage and Looting

When two creatures are successfully provoked by a bard, damage assignment and credit will be correctly handled for both creatures involved, meaning the bard will receive correct credit toward looting rights, fame/karma rewards, etc. without having to perform a second provoke on the same creatures in reverse order.

Last modified: February 11, 2013

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