Bard Mastery

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Professions:The Bard
Bard Mastery
by Petra Fyde May 2010
Once players have chosen a mastery, the abilities are freely usable at any time and only have as requirements the skill and mana costs.

  • Party/pets must remain within range of the Bard to remain under the
    spellsong effects.
  • Bards may be interrupted when they receive damage while using their
    abilities, causing the effect to end. Chance to interrupt is based on damage amount.
  • A bard may only have one ability in effect at a time.
  • Abilities do not stack with themselves.
  • All abilities require upkeep, this increases based on how many party
    members/pets are under the
  • Bards with secondary bard skills above GM (Real Skill) will receive a slightly reduced mana cost for spell song upkeep.
  • Bards can have both their mastery spell songs active at the same time.
  • Abilities will not check for Criminal flagging, so beware of your
    Party members.
  • The spellsong will reveal the bard if he is hidden.
  • re-casting the spellsong will cancel the effect with no mana
  • Although all six spellsongs appear in the book, you may only cast the ones pertaining to the ability you have active,eg if you have ‘despair’ active you may cast only ‘tribulation’ and ‘despair’.
  • Bards with a mastery get a 5% bonus to their success chance at using any bard skills, and a 10% bonus to using the skill of their mastery focus.
  • All bard songs receive a slight bonus to their effects if the bard has additional bard skills over GM(Real Skill)
  • Having a bard mastery reduces all Bard Skill Timeouts by 1 second, and an additional second for the Skill of the mastery focus. (normal timeout is 8 seconds)
  • To switch between masteries use the context menu on your bard spell book.
  • When discord mastery is active the context menu also allows you to select damage type.
Title Desponder
Spellsong Words of Power Mana Cost (upkeep is deducted every 2 seconds)
Tribulation in jux hur rel Cast: 30; Upkeep: 10
tribulation Target Hit Chance reduced by up to 32%, Spell Damaged reduced by 32%, Damage Taken can trigger additional damage between 20-60% of the damage taken as physical once per second. (Discordance
Based) (Chance to Trigger damage Musicianship Based) affected by the target’s magic resistance. (PvP and specific Mobs only)
Despair kal des mani tym Cast: 30; Upkeep:12
despairTarget Strength Reduced by up to 32, 20 – 60 Damage (damage type selectable via context menu on the spellbook), every 2 seconds, affected by the target’s magic resistance. (PvP and specific Mobs only).
Title Galvanizer
Resilience kal mani tym Cast: 30 Upkeep: 4
resiliencePoison resistance increase(not the stat), Mortal, Bleed, Curse effect Durations decreased,
Hp regen bonus 2-22, mana regen bonus 2-22, stamina regen bonus 2-22.
Perseverance uus jux sanct Cast: 30; Upkeep: 5
perseveranceParty Defense Chance increased by up to 30%, Damage reduced by up to 16%. Casting focus bonus 1-30%.
Title Exhilirator
Inspire uus por Cast: 30 Upkeep: 4
inspireParty Hit chance increase by up to 15%, Damage increase by up to 40%, SDI increased by up
to 15% (PvP Cap 15)(Provocation Based)
Invigorate an zu Cast: 30; Upkeep: 5
nightsightParty Hit Points increased by up to 20, Party healed for 7-16 dmg every 4 seconds.
(Provocation Based). Party Strength, Dex, Int, Increased by Up to 8.

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