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Peacemaking  is a targeted ability which allows you to soothe warring creatures and others in your vicinity. The skill is used in two ways, standard mode, more often referred to as ‘area peace’ and targeted mode.

Area Peace

Used in this way all creatures (and players if your skill is GM or above) in the area of effect, except you, will be thrown out of war mode. Creatures will take only 2-10 seconds to retarget.  An alert player will take considerably less.  To achieve this effect use the skill, peacemaking and target yourself.

Targeted Peace

To use the skill on a specific creature, target the creature. If successful it will stop fighting, however whenever the affected creature is attacked it will try to resume hostilities,  eventually the creature will break the effect no matter how skilled the bard and how weak the creature. Peacemake has a delay of 5 seconds following a successful attempt and 10 seconds following a failure.

Note: Targeted Peace will not work on characters (PC or NPC).

The base range of all bard abilities is 8 tiles, with each 15 points of skill in the ability being used increasing this range by one tile, at 120/120 Musicianship and Peacemaking, the range is 18 tiles.  Bards must be within this range of the target to use the ability. Once Peacemaking has been used on a target, the bard must remain alive, visible, and within range of the target or the effect ends.

Players may only use peacemaking on player pets that are freely aggressive.

Last modified: March 21, 2014

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