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Discordance is a difficulty-based skill, like provocation, and using the same computations. It reduces all resistances and skills of the target by up to 20% at Grandmaster and 28% at Legendary, this in turn lowers a creature’s base barding difficulty.


The effects of Discordance is halved on creatures with a barding difficulty of 160 (a bard with 120 discord normally debuffs a creature by 28%. However, against a creature that has a barding difficulty of 160.0, the bard will debuff the creature by 14% and see the message “your enemy seems to shake off some of the effects of your discordance”. [publish 28]).

The base range of all bard abilities is 8 tiles, with each 15 points of skill in the ability being used increasing this range by one tile. Bards must be within this range of the target to use the ability. Furthermore, the bard must remain within this range or the ability’s effect ends.  Once Discordance has been used on a target, the bard must remain alive, visible, and within range of the target or the effect ends.  A discorded creature is surrounded by ‘sparkles’ while it is under the effect.

In pvp situations Discordance is considered a hostile act when used against player pets.

Historic Note:

Discordance replaced the barding skill “Enticement” in July 2003, Publish 16

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