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Starting Out

The starting point of every newcomer to Sosaria is the town of New Haven, and therefore all training also begins there. The first thing you need to decide upon is your main skill, as warrior wishing to melee your foes your choice is Macing, Fencing or Swordfighting. You may have already made this choice when creating the character.

Next you’ll need to choose the complementary skills, although this choice can be changed later if you should regret your first thoughts. You will probably need Tactics, Anatomy and Healing, many warriors also have Chivalry and/or Bushido. For a more informed choice you might read The Paladin and The Samurai.

Beginning the Training

The guildmasters of the various skills in New Haven will, for a fee, raise your skills to around 30. Single click the npc to view a context menu – pictured right. You will be asked for a fee, usually around 300gp. Drop this onto the npc’s head, your skill level will be adjusted (provided you have set the skill to raise!)

Advanced Training

From the 30 (ish) skill points you now have to 50 it is advisable to undertake the accelerated gain quests from the trainers in New Haven. To find out which quest to take from which trainer, and where to find him/her consult the New Player Quest Guide

Striking out into the World

Having gained all the help you can from the npc trainers, you’re off into the world to continue your training alone. (although for help from fellow players you can consult the UO Warrior Forum)

Try to assemble a suit with high physical resist. Dull copper ringmail or spined leather is ideal if you can find it. Also aim for a weapon with a fast swing speed, and/or swing speed increase property. You’ll also need a plentiful supply of bandages.

Following are some suggestions of what to fight at which level, they’re not set in stone, if you find you’re not gaining, move up the list. Also mix it up, don’t settle on just one creature type and stick to it.

50 – 70

70 – 90

90 – 120

Good luck, good hunting, and remember these are suggestions only, use the Hunter’s Guide for other possible targets, using the creature’s given wrestling skill as an indicator.

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