Rune Books

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Rune Books
Updated by Petra Fyde; May 2009
Rune Books, the basics
Rune Books are designed to help reduce the total number of runes in the game and to assist rune libraries.General Features

  • A rune book will hold a total of 16 locations.
  • One of these locations can be set as the “default” location.
  • Casting the recall, gate or sacred journey spell on the rune book will treat the book like a rune marked with the default location.
  • Books will have charges that will allow you to recall to locations in the book without casting recall.
  • Rune Books will be rechargeable with recall scrolls. Dragging a recall scroll onto the book will add one charge (up to its maximum).
  • Books cannot be recharged while open.
  • Dragging a rune onto a book will add that location to the book.
  • You can name the rune book by opening the book and clicking the red gem on upper right. After clicking the gem, simply type in the name of the book and hit enter.
  • Rune books have no weight and are blessed.


  • Runebooks are craftable using the inscription skill, requiring at least 45 skill to attempt.
  • Inscribers will need 8 blank scrolls, 1 recall scroll, 1 gate travel scroll and an unused rune.
  • To make a rune book, use a scribe’s pen and select Other then Runebook. The system will check to make sure you have the necessary components and skill.
  • If the creation of the book fails you may lose the recall scroll, the gate scroll, the rune or some blank scrolls.
  • The number of charges a book can hold will range from 10 to 20, depending on the skill of the Inscriber. (note: when first introduced this number was 5 – 10)
  • Depending on the inscription skill of the inscriber, a rune book can be of exceptional quality.
  • Regular rune books hold 5 to 9 charges, depending on the skill of the crafter. Exceptional quality rune books generally hold 14 to 20 charges.
  • A Grandmaster scribe that creates an exceptional rune book can have his or her name attached to it as Maker’s Mark.

Using the Rune Book

  • On the top left of the first index page is a large Red Gem button. Press this to rename the book.
  • Casting recall or sacred journey directly on the rune book will transport you to the location set as the “default”.
  • Casting gate directly on the rune book will open a gate with the destination to the “default” location of the book.
  • To access the non-default locations, you will be able to open the book by double clicking on it.
  • When open, the book will display two index pages with 8 locations on each page.
  • Each index page will have the current number of charges listed on the top left side and the maximum number of charges the book can hold on the right side.
  • Each location entry will have a small blue “recall” button (similar looking to the buttons used in the skill list). Clicking this button will use a charge and transport you to that location. If the book has no charges left, you will not be able to do this.
  • The index pages will display the first 18 characters from the marked rune’s name.
  • At the bottom of the index pages, there will be the numbers “1” – “8” (just like spell books). Clicking these numbers will bring you to a “rune page”.
  • After each use (success or failure) the rune book needs a few seconds to “recharge”.
  • If you use a scroll to cast the recall spell you can only target the book itself and therefor only travel to the default location set on the rune book.

Rune Pages
Each rune page will contain:

  • A button to use a charge and recall to that location.
  • A button (a small down arrow) to drop the rune from the book. This will return a rune with that location marked.
  • The sextant coordinates for the rune’s marked location.
  • A button to make the rune location the default location. This button will appear green unless the location is the default location, in which case it will be red.
  • A button to cast recall. You will need to have the required mana, skill level and the reagents. This will not use a charge.
  • A button to cast gate. You will need to have the required mana, skill level and the reagents. This will not use a charge.
  • A button to cast sacred journey. You will need to have the required mana, skill level and tithing points. This will not use a charge.

Coloring Runebooks
One of the 4th Year Vet Rewards is a runebook / runestone dye tub. With this tub you can dye the cover of your runebook in a variety of colors. You can also dye individual runestones.

In addition marked runes have a default color by the location.

  • Runes marked in Felucca, not in a private house are unchanged
  • Runes marked in a player owned house in Felucca: fel house
  • Runes marked in Trammel, not in a private house:tram rune
  • Runes marked in a player owned house in Trammel: tram house
  • Runes marked in Malas: malas rune
  • Runes marked in Tokuno: tokuno rune

These show in a rune book thus: locations

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