Lockpicking – Vesper Bank Chests

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Illustrated Guide to Dungeon Chests
Vesper Bank Chests, by Blackheath


West Room
Chests: One level 1, one level 2
Local monsters: None
Danger level: None
East Room
Chests: One level 2, two level 3’s
Local monsters: None
Notes: All three areas are quite peaceful, few people come to this part of the bank, thought it is becoming popular with pickers.
Danger level: None
North Room
Chests: Six level 1 hybrids (see notes)
Local monsters: None
Notes: The chests here are not really level 1’s, but more of a hybrid. They require slightly more LP skill than normal level 1’s (56 instead of 52), have poison traps instead of dart traps, and actually carry less gold than normal level 1’s do. I only know of two other places where chests like these spawn,* and both others are in Hythloth Level One. They are excellent for beginner lockpickers though, especially in this area. With the bank right there, you can stock up on picks and always have them at hand. During powerhour, skill will fly up here to the mid 60’s, and you can gain on these up to about 70 or so.
Danger level: None

*Actually I know of a third spot. There is a lone Level 1 Hybrid at the haunted ruins South of the Terathan Keep in the new lands, but it hardly seems worth mentioning. It’s a long way to go for a single lowly chest surrounded by skeletons, wraiths, snakes and mongbats.

Last modified: October 30, 2011

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