Lockpicking – Trinsic Passage Chests

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Illustrated Guide to Dungeon Chests
Trinsic Passage Chests, by Blackheath
How to find the Trinsic Passage
Level One
Level Two

Level Two

Area 1

Chests: One level 2, two level 3’s
Local monsters: Dread Spiders, Lava Lizards, Hellcats, Fire Elementals, Phoenix
Notes: This area is often deserted by other players. The number of monsters around varies quite a bit.
If the phoenix is in the area, it is best to leave. They are not overtly aggressive, but if you get too close and take heat damage, you will auto-defend and they will attack. They have been compared to balrons in the amount of damage they can dish out.
Danger level: Medium to Very High

Last modified: October 30, 2011

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