Lockpicking – Terathan Keep Chests

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Illustrated Guide to Dungeon Chests
Terathan Keep Chests, by Blackheath

Area One

Chests: One level 3, two level 4’s
Local monsters: Ophidians of all kinds, Balron
Notes: This is an extremely tough spot to pick chests in. You cannot mark runes inside here, but you can mark just outside the doors to the open area outside.
Danger level: Insanely high

Area Two

Chests: One level 3, two level 4’s
Local monsters: Sometimes Ophidians in here. The ones outside cannot open the door. *note* the door no longer exists on Great Lakes in Trammel, it may still be there on other shards. There are assorted Ophidians and Terathans of all kinds on your way in here, also Dragons and Drakes.
Notes: This area is much better than area one, once you are here. Getting here can be tricky though; you cannot mark a rune nearby.
Danger level: Very High

Last modified: October 30, 2011

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