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Deceit Dungeon Chests, by Blackheath

Level One

Area One – The Torture Room

Chests: One level 2, two level 3’s
Local monsters: Zombies, Skeletons, Wraiths
Notes: This is not a popular area, seldom any other players around. Lots of low level monsters to keep you company though.
Danger level: Medium. The monsters are not hard, but the numbers can overwhelm you if you aren’t careful.

Level 2

Chests: One level 2, two level 3’s
Local monsters: Mummies, Skeletons, Zombies, Spectres, Shades, Wraiths
Notes: The monsters mainly spawn outside the room, some of them will open the door to get at you.
Danger level: Medium

Level 3

Chests: One level 2, two level 3’s
Local monsters: Skeletons, Zombies, Spectres, Shades, Wraiths, Liches. Sometimes a Poison Elemental.
Notes: The monster spawn in the next room can be quite high, and if no one is fighting them, they may target you. A few of the monsters will be trapped on the surrounding ledges and won’t cast on you unless you go first.
Danger level: Medium to High

Level 4

Area One – The Fire Ele Room

Chests: One level 2, two level 3’s
Local monsters: Liches, Fire Elementals
Notes: The monsters are mainly outside this room and will not open the door. Sometimes a lich will spawn inside the room.
Danger level: Low unless someone opens the door.

Area Two – The Lich Lord Room

Chests: One level 3, two level 4’s
Local monsters: Liches, Lich Lords, Silver Serpents
Notes: This room was once a popular place for monster hunters, but the arrival of the silver serpents put an end to that. It is often deserted these days, so you will be all alone with the monsters for the most part here. Even if you have good hiding skill, make sure you bring an invisibilty item with plenty of charges.
Danger level: Very High

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