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By By Dreadlord Lestat, May 2010

So you want to become a lock picker? Do you have gold running through your veins and you want to go after buried treasure? Do you have an evil side to you and you want to break into chests to steal from them? Either way, this is the right skill for you!! I am going to assume that you have zero lock picking skill.

First off, you need to prepare yourself. The easiest way to do that is to create a tinker/carpenter so you can make your own lockboxes. You can also post on your shard trade forums to buy some or go to a lock picking house on your shard. You will need 20 boxes made with 30 tinkering skill (or you can buy lock picking from a thief guild master or tinkerer), 20 boxes made with 50 tinkering skill, 20 boxes made with 75 tinkering skill, and 20 boxes made with GM tinkering skill. You will also need a lot of lock picks. If you made a tinker/carpenter then that won’t be a problem. If you didn’t, then post on your local trade forums.

Okay, we are now ready to start gaining!! You will most likely want to make a macro with UO Assist which can be found here UOALockpickingMacro
0-30 Lock picking – use boxes made with 30 tinkering (only if you didn’t buy the skill)

30-50 Lock picking – use boxes made with 50 tinkering.

50-70 Lock picking – use boxes made with 70 tinkering. You can also throw in some level 1 dungeon chests/ treasure chests to break the monotony at 56 lock picking. dungeon guide.

70-95 Lock picking – use boxes made with GM tinkering. You can also throw in some level 2 dungeon chests/treasure chests at 72 lock picking. You can switch to level 3 dungeon chests/treasure chests at 84 lock picking.

95-GM you have to pick level 4 dungeon chests/treasure chests. You can also go to the twisted weald and get discorded and use boxes made with GM tinkering.

Congratulations! You are now a Grandmaster Lock picker!!

Last modified: March 30, 2011

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